In the United States a total of 2356 dead and 20 thousand wounded overhead of $685 billion –

In Afghanistan a total of 2356 dead and 20 thousand injured   cost $685 billion – International – people’s news according to Russian satellite news, according to the U.S. Bureau of investigation (Congressional Research Service parliament) data show that from 2001 to 2015, the war in Afghanistan has made the United States the cost of $685 billion 600 million, is one of the large overhead American War history. The United States launched a military operation in Afghanistan against Taliban in October 7, 2001. The war in Afghanistan became the longest war in the United States after the Vietnam War, and was one of the most costly wars in the country’s history. As a comparison, the cost of the United States in the Vietnam War (1965 to 1973), according to the current exchange rate, according to different statistics, between $740 billion to $1 trillion. According to official statistics, the United States lost 2356 soldiers during the war in Afghanistan, and about 20 thousand people were injured. 2012, the number of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan reached the peak, a total of 100 thousand soldiers. Although most of the troops have been withdrawn in 2014, there are still 8400 U.S. troops in Afghanistan by 2017. Afghan militants casualties is still unclear, according to different statistics, the number of between 25 thousand to 40 thousand. Military operations in Taliban and Allied bombing led to mass civilian deaths. According to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan data show that since 2009, Afghanistan has 23 thousand civilians were killed and 41 thousand injured. The situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated in recent months. The militant group, which has occupied a large territory in the country’s rural areas, began to attack the big city of Taliban. Terrorist organization Islamic state in Afghanistan has also expanded. (old) (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: