In the desert Wine Development Forum held in Wuhai New World desert Wine – in-borderland

In the desert Wine Development Forum held in Wuhai desert in the world Wine – Beijing International Wine industry experts delivered a speech in new network on 4 September, September 3rd, the world Wine desert forum was successfully held in Wuhai Chinese contemporary calligraphy art museum, this forum is one of the 2016 world Chinese – Wuhai desert Wine Cultural Festival, Chinese and foreign experts on the desert Wine feelings and expectations. Forum, Morocco Zhongmo Friendship Association Secretary General Aka Law Fi, the Belgian Brussels publishing group president – Brussels international wine tasting chairman Duane Harvard, the first Chinese Bu Wine family for second generations, international wine judge, writer, designer, Wine grape winery Wine antique collectors, "follow the master on the Silk Road", "chief leader Guo Songquan the sommelier" chief editor Lubos Barth, Mexico "reform" magazine senior editor Carlos Armando, the famous educator Suarez Bobaoer Wine, Anna Marie Elizabeth Purcell, French winemaker Bruno Baumal, Wuhai grape and Wine Industry Association Chairman Han Jian equal speech. Among them, the Wuhai grape and wine industry association president Han Jianping introduction, Wuhai is the core area of the western Inner Mongolia small triangle region, the high-end area, but also Ningshan Mongolia along the Yellow River Economic Belt center. Wuhai city in the Ulanbuh Desert base and uneven interchange, belong to the temperate continental climate, low rainfall, long sunshine hours, the temperature difference between day and night, a long frost free period, suitable for grape growing, latitude 39 316LVM world grape planting "gold zone", with the development of high quality grape and Wine the ecological advantages of natural products. Han Jianping said that over the years, the Wuhai municipal government based on the climate and soil resources regional advantages, vigorously develop the wine industry, through policy guidance and financial support to the "small winery industry" road, the grape industry rapid development. The "Silk Road" World Wine Festival in the desert held a series of activities, will boost the rapid development of grape industry in Wuhai, Wuhai grape industry to a new level. Wine expert, "follow the master of thought" leader Guo Songquan at the same time, "follow the master on Silk Road" leader Guo Songquan to share the trip planning and achievement, mentioned the development trend of domestic Wine, he should refine China characteristics, create differences, form a Chinese Wine characteristics, to promote the whole world, enhance the status and Chinese Wine visibility. French winemaker Bruno Baumal said in his speech, in the desert area of wine grape planting is very difficult, we must first solve the problem of irrigation water, all the vineyards are built in the Yellow River along with easy irrigation. In addition to irrigation problems, there is the winter cold. "Sometimes to minus 40 degrees Celsius, the vine will freeze to death, just started for me, haven’t experienced this situation people think this is a big problem, and now I have been accustomed to. Every time after the harvest and then to do the pruning work, were buried before the cold temperatures reach for the fastest speed down the vines, and then buried in the soil about 50 per cent.相关的主题文章: