In October this year, China’s railway investment 623 billion 400 million grew by 9.8%-noreply

Before October of this year, China’s railway investment of 623 billion 400 million year-on-year growth of 9.8% in October before the original title: Railway Investment 623 billion 400 million China railway company data show that in October this year, the national railway fixed assets investment was 623 billion 449 million yuan, 567 billion 885 million yuan compared to the same period last year, an increase of 9.8%. With the start of a number of new projects, the end of the railway construction climax. Chinese railway company said the railway construction funds needed has been fully implemented, can ensure the demand of funds for railway construction, the railway is expected to be completed investment in fixed assets more than 800 billion yuan, started construction of 45 projects, the new production line of more than 3 thousand and 200 kilometers, 2016 to complete mission objectives of railway construction. Up to now, the approval of the project can be more than 45, can be achieved during the year to start the construction of the objectives of the 45 projects. A number of new projects are accelerating the construction. Since late October, Zhengzhou to Fuyang high-speed railway Anhui section in Yingzhou District of Fuyang City, Cheng Ji Zhen domestic construction. Zheng Fugao from Zhengzhou via Zhoukou to Fuyang railway, the line length of 267.2 km, the design speed of 350 kilometers road, the west by the Zheng Wangaotie line connecting Chongqing to the East, access business co Hangzhou high-speed railway arrived in Hangzhou. After the completion of the operation of the Zheng Fugao iron, high-speed rail passenger from Fuyang to Zhengzhou by the time required for the longest 5 hours to 45 minutes compression to less than 1 hours. November 5th, the new Lianyungang to Xuzhou Railway (even Xu Gaotie) to start the construction of the first section of the Lianyungang bridge. Even Tiexi is connected with the high Xu Zheng Xu high-speed railway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, the formation of "LongHaiLanXin" high-speed railway channel, and East Green even railway, railway even salt, even Huaiyang Town Railway connected, is the northernmost part of the Jiangsu high speed rail corridor. Lianxu High-speed Rail line length of approximately 181 km, the design speed of 350 kilometers, across the board is expected to total investment of 28 billion 170 million yuan. Lianxu High-speed Rail was opened to traffic, connecting China’s eastern, central and Western bridge channel "gold belt" will be officially opened, Lianyungang to Xuzhou running time is about 1 hours, to Nanjing, Zhengzhou, the running time is about 2 hours, to Shanghai, Beijing, the running time is about 4 hours. November 8th, Mudanjiang to Jiamusi Railway Passenger Dedicated Line in the construction of the Shuangyashan Qixing tunnel construction site officially started. Worked passenger dedicated line length of 374.9 km, the design speed of 250 km. The line connecting the 5 cities, the radiation driven population and 50% of the total economy in Heilongjiang Province, Jixi, Qitaihe, Shuangyashan, connecting the 3 key cities in the eastern region, accelerate the development of Heilongjiang Province, help restructuring and development of resource-based city has important significance. It started construction marks China’s high-speed rail will continue to extend to the East, Heilongjiang Province Eastern loop two hour economic circle". Chinese Academy of engineering, said Wang Mengshu, according to the current situation is estimated that in the next few years will be a great development of railway construction. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: