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In October 7th 19 traders are concerned about stock market news center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 7, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that following the October 7th 19 global traders are concerned news Top 20, click on the ranking data from 7 19 on Bloomberg terminal trader. 1) the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Columbia President Santos IMF said the rapid rise of 2) Chinese prices unsustainable 3) holding Bohai’s Avolon to $10 billion acquisition of CIT aircraft leasing business 4) Chinese real estate bubble rupture if banks fear an increase of more than 4 trillion RMB 5) bad inflation expectations towards biggest weekly gain since 2009 summary: 6) from Hong Kong stocks fell Qi; China reserves Johnson prediction; pound flash down; Taiwan exports unexpectedly fell 7) UK August merchandise trade deficit of 12 billion 100 million pounds; 11 billion 300 million pounds 8) estimated deficit currencies fell in Taiwan: Taiwan more than 3 week lows before the dollar continue to rise next week to non-agricultural; pay close attention to Yellen and debate 9) update: Taiwan exports in September weaker than expected typhoon stopped even two months of positive growth; semiconductor heat continued 10) Taiwan bond market: 5 years of yield break 0.6% and measured pressure back 10 years rises; and 11) on non-agricultural auction G-10 perspective: New Zealand yuan, euro; Bloomberg dollar spot exchange rate index rose 12) perspective G-10: pound yen fell; the United States announced the employment report before hedge funds inflow of 13) Taiwan debt commentary: cold profit index affects the coupons coupons for 14 week neutral bearish): BNP Paribas Bank in sterling experiencing severe Shadie unattractive 15 pounds left customer service) pictures of the city: the British economy continues to pound fell 16 British Financial Times stride forward singing militant songs): Deutsche Bank said plans to asset management subsidiary IPO 17) fed Shengxi rate jumped to 64% U. S. employment report will be an important test of 18 pounds) flash down traders confused The algorithm is one of the 19 transactions or arch-criminal) Shanghai Commercial Bank: Chinese authorities became the focus of the market in 20 offshore RMB 6.7 level defense) Taiwan money market commentary: allocation of market liquidity are not large financial institutions to raise interest rates editor: Guo Mingyu SF008相关的主题文章: