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In France, seeking for the original fragrance – Sohu in South tourism travel, do not have to set a must be hurried to the destination, because you go through each of the small towns, each street, each small square stop, stop every cafe, both a lake of taste and art history, culture and life, every detail is worth pondering. The scenery of southern France is actually on the way. Designer London Wang – line recorded in July 25, 2016 if there is a place that can represent the life of Provence in Provence to buy olive oil, cherry, truffle are important for. Looking for food, life, and even the focus of life. A farmer, a worker, are interesting. Year 7 ~ August oflavender bloom wind in anticipation, we came to Valen Soler, here is the lavender planting area is the largest and most densely populated areas, is Provence’s most famous lavender road. If you want to focus on doing a beautiful thing, which is to the south of law we visit the botanical garden flavoring vanilla vanilla scent experience studio is located in the French field of famous university Universite Europeenne Des Saveurs& Des Senteurs. Vanilla expert teacher Tashka engaged in vanilla field of 30 years, is a very prestigious French expert, is L’OCCITANE video camera teacher herb. Is there a smell that reminds you of who? The lavender flower is "waiting for love", you smell in lavender is joyful, bitter, peace…… Lavender is a direct deep. There are more hidden memories, in these bottles, as if the grandmother’s windowsill, the university campus in the woods, the first time to meet in the evening…… People can recall a lot of pictures, sounds, but can not call out the smell. It is only when you meet the scent again that all the memories are aroused, and the return of this feeling is touched. We were in a small town with a Chinese artist, Mr. Ge Feng. It is heaven kindness. We went to visit his studio and Exhibition hall. Glass perfume town perfume, will think of the fashion capital of Paris, but the small town of Glass, is the real world perfume capital. Around 250 of the world’s most regulated, mostly in Glass. The smell of travel, must not miss Glass. Fragonard is one of the oldest and most famous perfume brands in france. We are under the guidance of professional perfumer, modulation of their own "perfume". Before the adjustment of the initial, accompanied by the tone, the tone of the tail, we try a new skill, but also in their own and covert perception dialogue. If lavender is the symbol of Provence, the south is the symbol of the town only to vintage car and vintage car town vintage car in a row in front of the hotel waiting for you tomorrow.相关的主题文章: