In 2016, the national student financial aid policy was announced before the end of the year-9c8996

The 2016 national student financial aid policy published covering pre-school to graduate education – Beijing not to let a student because of family financial difficulties students out of school funding policy in 2016 — the national introduction of the Ministry of Finance Ministry of education fair is an important foundation for social justice, promote the education fair is a national basic education policy. The party and the country attaches great importance to family economic difficulties students to go to school, in recent years the central authorities released many related policies have been established covering the student financial aid policy system of preschool education to graduate education, protection from the system will not let a student because of family economic difficulties school. A student of higher education funding policy, (a) education of the college students: the national scholarships, student loans, tuition reimbursement compensatory loans, school scholarships, work study, difficulties subsidies, food subsidies, tuition, "Easy Access" and other means of mixed funding system 1 National scholarship. The college students national scholarship for the award of outstanding full-time full-time colleges and universities of this specialty (including vocational, second bachelor’s degree) students, the annual award of the college students of 50 thousand, each student per year $8000. 2 National inspirational scholarship. Full-time college, excellent in character and learning reward funding for families with financial difficulties in the College (including vocational bachelor degree students, second). National inspirational scholarship funding is about 3% of the total number of students in the national full-time colleges and universities (including vocational, bachelor’s degree) in the total number of students, each student $5000 per year. In the same school year, the national motivational scholarships and national scholarships can not be obtained at the same time. 3 state grants. For full-time college funded family economic difficulties in the College (including vocational, second bachelor degree students), state funded grants about national full-time college (including vocational college, second bachelor degree students) 20% of the total, average standard for 3000 yuan per student per year, can be divided into 2-3 file. 4 national student loan. The national student loan is dominated by the government, financial institutions to provide financial difficulties to families of college students do not need to be secured or unsecured credit loans, help to solve during the period of school tuition and accommodation fees, loan amount per year should not exceed 8000 yuan, the maximum loan period does not exceed 20 years. National student loan interest rates implemented by the people’s Bank of China announced the same grade benchmark interest rate, not up. The students loan loan interest by the financial discount, after graduating from the interest paid by students, and according to the agreed repayment of principal. Family economic difficulties students to apply for the national student loan, there are two modes: one is the campus to the national student loans, through the school to manage the bank application; two is the students credit student loans, through the residence where the county (city, district) of the student financial assistance management institutions to apply directly to the relevant financial (in some areas applicants). 5 grassroots employment tuition compensation loan compensatory. On the central departments of full-time graduates of ordinary colleges and universities, voluntary to the central and western regions and hard remote areas of basic unit employment, service period of more than 3 years (including 3 years),.相关的主题文章: