If Yu Heng snail launch alongside Wang Kai death (video)-g-area meru

"If Yu Heng and Wang Kai fought on the" snail death [Abstract] Urban suspense love drama "if love" snail and love in Sherlock parallel, first drama played by Yu Heng vice captain Zhao Han, carefully steadfast action. In his harsh exterior hides a warm heart, he is absolutely the first warm male in the Lin City police team. Yu Heng, Wang Kai, decorated with the cold snail and the lion in love with the lion, the lion, the lion and the lion! Looking forward to San Wang Kai to solve the case with Tencent entertainment news written by Zhu Zhu, directed by Zhang Kaizhou, Hou Hongliang, Fang Fang as producer. Wang Kai, Wang Ziwen, starring in identical city detective suspense love drama "love" if the snail has a scheduled October 24th visit the Oriental TV every Monday night in the 22:00 video broadcasting, then the Tencent will also carry out the whole network independent broadcast. It is reported that the play adapted from the same name. Strength actor Yu Heng as vice captain of the police team Zhao Han Lin in the play, but also bahls (Wang Kaishi) brothers go through fire and water. Warm cold warm spring winter no longer Zhao urban suspense love drama "if love" in Sherlock snail and love double parallel lines, is about the crime psychology intern Xu Xu (Prince gloze), handsome younger Yao Meng (trainee Xu Yue ornaments) in the high cold season Interpol Captain (Wang Kaishi), warm white male vice captain Zhao Han (Yu Heng ornaments) training under the guidance of a series of mystery and crack the Polish and complex feelings story. Yu Heng played the role of the Deputy captain of the team in the first place, cautious and practical, the action of the supremacy of the power of the Zhao Han. In his harsh exterior hides a warm heart, he is absolutely the first warm male in the Lin City police team. It seems that this year the winter is not too cold, because the warm man gave us warm cold zhao. In the face of violent criminals, mutual support and encouragement among fellow brothers commendable, he will and Wang Kai’s brother is a spectacle, the two guy think is his case. Yu Heng heart intimate support with many interpretation of cochlear crew continued to be exposed stills, the snail fans began to give a high evaluation of Zhao Hanchao. "Zhao’s face was full of police officers." "Vice squad is good! Zhao Han is very consistent with the original!" Zhao deputy team is very handsome, feel the warmth." Zhao deputy team looked very warm man, looking forward to!" Fans of these expectations and praise let Yu Heng is full of confidence, he expressed the hope that the Zhao Han performance can be recognized. Not many cochlear negative expectations, "snail" rujierzhi, tonight is the Oriental TV 22:00 on time to meet with you, let us together on the case!相关的主题文章: