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"Ice age 5" blue fanwai trailer and theater Painting Contest – Sohu entertainment glacier painting competition glacier painting contest glacier painting contest Sohu entertainment news Hollywood classic animated series "ice age" finale "ice age 5: (referred to as" interstellar collision "ice age 5") recently the national film is in the beginning from last Sunday, has 4 consecutive days in the second row piece volume: "the Bourne 5" with single day box office, according to the movie box office data, as of August 31st, 5 "ice age" in the China mainland box office has been about 346 million yuan. With 14 years of joy, "ice age" in the animal are gaining worldwide audience, especially the always chasing the little squirrel acorn cuite, 14 years focused on soy sauce, and eventually became the most classic and most inspirational animated characters. In addition, the role of love comedy adventure stories, a series of final feelings and the audience into the cinema a big driver, many viewers have said, before watching this series, so as not to miss the curtain call. Some parents said, to bring their children to watch the film, catch up with the Hollywood boutique animation of the last bus. In twentieth Century Fuchs film propaganda is also very hard, in the city’s theater, you can see the painting contest for parent-child promotional activities, the children love the little squirrel and fans can come to the cute little squirrel with their own color, these activities will be "glacier type joy" from the auditorium in the extended to the hall outside. At the same time, attentive audience also noted that, IMAX also launched a limited edition IMAX "ice age 5" painting posters in their cooperation studios, self love for fans. There are many viewers said, eat goods, supermarket, subway, outdoor advertising, websites, newspapers, television, radio, APP, the public number, seems to have recently been this cute adorable animals occupy the feeling of the glacier, eyeful is adorable. According to the ten party propaganda film entertainment revealed that the official partner of APP and the public number is more than 300, covering most of the young people to pay attention and use of the platform, both online and offline promotion, get a good response, which shows that the influence of classic animation IP. Recently, a small squirrel on the network after the new video exposure, get a lot of fans support, the short film tells the story of three alien female squirrels came to snatch the acorn story, very funny cute. It is reported that this short film is a preview of a special video in the Blu ray, DVD and 4K extremely clear version of the October 11th release in North america. "Ice age 5" is currently in 2D, 3D, IMAX3D, Chinese IMAX 3D version in the film, yet the viewers may wish to bring family and friends to the cinema feel this movie brings laughter and everybody, if not the fan of the series, with a sense of adventure comedy science fiction well, cute animal characters, cool and bright visual picture will make you worth the price.相关的主题文章: