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UnCategorized As the recession continues to bite hard in the UK, across Europe and certainly in the US, many of us are being forced to consider our futures. Jobs are no longer as secure as they once were as employers all feel the strain, and what’s more, there is no real end in sight for all this uncertainty. According to a leading British newspaper, this is resulting in many more of us actively contemplating starting a new life overseas. For some, the decision is based upon necessity and requiring gainful employment, for others it is more of a lifestyle choice. After all, why suffer the recession somewhere like the UK where the sun hardly ever shines either, when you could move your entire family to Australia perhaps, find a more balanced home life, a job and a better climate! A report in the Telegraph newspaper focuses on the fact that Britain is suffering the worst ‘brain drain’ for the past fifty years as qualified professionals are lured overseas to countries like Australia which actively target well qualified Britons. If you’re interested in learning about your international and expatriate options and you fancy the thought of living beside the sea Down Under and working hard but also playing harder – as is the Australian way – here’s how to get a job in Australia: To move to live and work in Australia you have to either be sponsored by an employer – i.e., you need to have a job offer before you are allowed to relocate – or you have to apply for a skilled worker’s visa. The two different approaches to getting the visa you need to emigrate to Australia dictate how you can get a job in Australia. 1)Taking the Sponsorship Route – Because Australia recognises the value of British qualifications, experience and professionalism in may fields from IT to medical care, from construction to finance, there are recruiters out there looking specifically for British staff. They attend recruitment fairs and expos in the UK dedicated to moving to Australia, and every six months or so there are expos in cities like London where a would-be emigre can go and meet potential employers. These are fantastic opportunities for workers to match their skills and requirement for a job with a job offer from an employer. They can result in the job seeker gaining sponsorship for their visa as well as a guaranteed job placement – and naturally, this method of getting work Down Under is preferred by many who do not want the uncertainty of having to find a job after relocating. The one down side with this approach is that if your .pany subsequently withdraws the offer, goes into administration, sacks you or makes you redundant, your visa can also be withdrawn. 2)Taking the Skilled Migration Programme Route – If you’re quite happy to contemplate finding work in Australia after you’ve relocated, then you may prefer to take the skilled migration route. This is where you have to apply for a visa for residency off your own back, and your application is points based. You get more points depending on your age, knowledge of the English language, your skills, qualifications and professional background. The higher you score, the more likely you are to get a visa to go and live and work in Australia. Once you have the visa, you are required to move within a certain timescale, but you are no longer dependent on anyone sponsoring you. Therefore, once you have moved you can begin applying for jobs in the conventional way, safe in the knowledge that you will not be kicked back out of Australia if you fail to secure a job within a set period, or if you start a job, hate it and decide to change it. You can look in the newspaper for adverts, use recruitment .panies to help you find a job, apply directly to .panies in your neighbourhood who may want to utilise your skills, and you can even visit the Australian job centre and sign up for job alerts. Whichever method you choose, one thing’s for sure, if you do find a job and move to live in Australia, you’ll escape the recession back home and end up living in a land where the sun certainly shines more frequently! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: