How to do the kidney, men eat one thing most

How do the kidney deficiency of the kidney, hot summer is a man maximum physical exertion men how to eat a thing, this time men often feel weak, you need some food supplements to enhance their physique, you know that summer men eat what food kidney? How do men how to eat a kidney the most kidney (source: visual Chinese) causes a man of kidney deficiency first   overeating modern dinner opportunities, often eat too much "delicious", most of these wastes are discharged by the kidneys, eating disorders will undoubtedly increase the burden on the kidneys. Second   too little water, if you do not drink water for a long time, the amount of urine will be reduced, the concentration of waste and toxins in the urine will increase. Clinical common kidney stones, hydronephrosis and so on are closely related to drinking water for a long time. Third   diet is too salty diet salty, resulting in increased blood pressure, kidney blood can not maintain normal flow, thus inducing nephropathy. Fourth   some people think that drinking tea drink drink drink tea can be hangover, in fact, this is not only ineffective, but also hurt the kidney. Experts said that the tea of theophylline can quickly affect the kidney and play a diuretic effect, the alcohol have not yet decomposed is excreted by the kidneys, the kidneys have large amounts of alcohol stimulation, and renal function injury. Fifth   often hold back some people because of busy work and long time holding back. Experts remind bieniao will lead to urinary tract infection and pyelonephritis. This kind of infection once repeated attacks, can cause chronic infection, not easy to cure. Sixth   "life" over some young people because of their good physical strength, several times a day, leading to excessive, excessive loss of kidney essence, which leads to kidney deficiency. If you usually pay attention to eat some food that will not appear on the kidney, the lumbar and leg pain after sexual intercourse. Even if occasionally over indulgence, but also has little effect. What kind of food does the man eat in the summer to the kidney is good 1, the animal internal organs contain more cholesterol, and cholesterol is the important formula of synthetic sex hormone. In addition, it also contains epinephrine and sex hormones, can promote the division and maturation of spermatogonia. Therefore, moderate consumption of animal heart, liver, kidney, intestines and other internal organs, is conducive to improving the level of androgen in vivo, increase semen secretion, improve sexual function. 2, zinc containing zinc is an essential trace element of human body, it has an important role in the maintenance of the normal structure and function of the male reproductive system. Zinc deficiency will make the decrease in the number of sperm, and the influence of sexual desire, sexual dysfunction. Recent results show that zinc deficiency and the traditional Chinese medicine said: "kidney yang deficiency". The highest amount of zinc containing foods is the oyster meat, such as beef and milk, chicken, chicken liver, egg yolk, shellfish, peanuts, Cereals, beans, potatoes, vegetables, brown sugar contains a certain amount of zinc. 3, the amount of fat supply in recent years, with the enhancement of people’s health consciousness, most adult men worry about fat and cholesterol can lead to obesity, heart disease, so a large number of.相关的主题文章: