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UnCategorized Dealing with debt collectors can be nerve-wracking. When Imagine how you would feel if you have to answer calls even during inconvenient hours. In this article, we will discuss the positive steps that you can do when dealing with debt collectors. -Never hide from debt collectors: Indeed, there are times when you just want to avoid talking to them. However, take note that running away from them isn’t the answer. If you ignore them, it only makes the situation worse. Instead, you must respond to them immediately. If you don’t have any means to pay at the moment, try explaining the situation and give them the assurance that you are doing your best to make those payments. -Being cautious of your consumer rights: There are set of rules on debt collection to protect consumer rights. As a borrower, you should still be treated with dignity and respect. You can check out the FTC’s site for the rules included in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. -Dispute an error: If you are required to pay debts you didn’t owe, you have the right to dispute them. You can do this by sending a dispute letter to the creditor within 30 days from the time you got the notice of collection. Your debt collector must stop all its collection attempts until the dispute has been resolved. -Know your debt collector: It is important on your part to know the agency who is responsible in collecting debts from you (know who the .pany or the creditor it represents). There should be a written document that stipulates the debt collection details. -Inform your debt collector to stop contacting you: You can ask your debt collector to stop contacting you about your debts by sending them a written request. In return, the debt collector or creditor should respect your decision. Nevertheless, it does not change the fact that you owe your creditor and that you have the responsibility to pay back your debts. -Keep records of agreement with your debt collector: You need to make sure that you have a .plete set of records of all your agreement with your debt collector. Once you receive calls, take note of the name of the caller and the details of the conversation. It is also advisable to save or keep emails, forms, receipts, or post mails for your reference. -Tell you debt collector the perfect time to contact you: You can inform your debt collection the time of the day when you can conveniently receive their calls. This way, you’ll know exactly when to expect their calls and you will be in much better position to speak with them about your debt issues. – Forward or Report any Violations: If you think that a debt collector is already crossing his boundaries, you should definitely fight for your rights. If a debt collector still continues to badger you despite your request to stop, you have the option to report it you State Attorney General’s Office and forward a .plaint to the FTC, too. – Get Assistance: Get help from a certified debt counseling agency who can better assist you on managing debt repayment and dealing with your debt collectors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: