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How big is the fifth leg? Tire pressure monitoring or mandatory equipment – Sohu automobile Sohu [auto high beam] at the beginning of this article as saying before, we first talk about the most basic things, in fact, we all know that in our day-to-day travel by driving a car (only passenger car) basically consists of 4 wheel sets, 4 wheels like the car’s four legs, a muscular thigh we can navigate the quartet. But if you want to talk about the fifth legs, what do you think, is spare? No, if you must give fifth legs a concrete explanation, then I think the appropriate tire pressure monitoring. The ancient saying goes good "nip in the bud, the tire is very important for us to travel that is safe, vehicle accident due to a tire out of control caused by year beyond count. Before the old drivers may pass the eye view or foot way to sense tire pressure, but this is not accurate. In recent years, handheld tire pressure gauge for us is not strange, but the car is equipped with tire pressure detection system seems to be just to stay in the high-end or with models, and even become a car stunt, have to say this is a sad thing. But this phenomenon will soon become the past, the recent Ministry of industry and information technology (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry) announced on its official website, "the national standard performance requirements for passenger car tire pressure monitoring system and test methods" mandatory manuscript has passed the examination, the modification on the newspaper after the approval of the National Standards Commission issued a formal implementation. This means that the future tire pressure monitoring system will become the ABS+EBD after another mandatory equipment. Tire pressure monitoring system standard will soon become a reality, don’t know just to buy a car near a friend at the moment is not already faint cry in the toilet. So what is the use of tire pressure monitoring system? What is the working principle of it? Next, we will explain in detail. Tire pressure monitoring system is to monitor the tire pressure automatically in the process of driving the vehicle, and the tire leakage and low air pressure alarm, so as to play a role in ensuring the safety of driving. From the author of the relevant agencies to understand the data, puncture caused by traffic accidents accounted for in the malignant traffic accidents in a very high proportion, and all the factors will cause the tire tire pressure is insufficient when the primary reason. So only the tire pressure will be a security risk? Of course not, it turns out that the tire pressure is too high will reduce the contact area of the tire and the ground, the tire grip will be affected. At high temperature the tire pressure is too high will increase the probability of vehicle tire. At present, the tire pressure monitoring is mainly divided into two kinds, one is indirect tire pressure monitoring, and the other is direct tire pressure monitoring. There is also a composite TPMS. Direct tire pressure monitoring device is the use of pressure sensors installed in each tire to directly measure the tire pressure, using a wireless transmitter will send information from the tire to the central receiver module, and then the tire pressure data display. When the tire pressure is too low or leakage, the system will automatically alarm. Indirect tire pressure monitoring is that when a tire’s air pressure is reduced, the weight of the vehicle will make the wheel rolling radius will become smaller, resulting in!相关的主题文章: