Hold a good hand trousers, no girl can not push down (video) candy candy

Hold a good hand trousers, no girl can not push down [Abstract] the legs in the shoes of the long pile, mostly straight long legs careless about dressing cancer, can also be put into short Corgi, ankle is the whole leg of the thin part exposed ankle can be visually extended legs folded, trouser legs. Tell the whole world, you are the century long legs. Of course, there are some self-motivated boy is still occasionally trousers rolled up his trousers, but the volume is a technology live, volume good for their collocation a lot of extra points, the volume is not good, you are planting uncle. Now all know volume trousers look good, but everything has a reason: first in trousers is derived from Bronx (Bronx Gangsta Gang) to buy drugs, the left leg rolled up, the right to sell, roll up trousers show: "I don’t have a gun". Then roll up trousers will become a symbol of the historical and cultural legacy. This is one of the claims. The second argument is that the United States that in 1849 gold rush, Levi`s designed a popular jeans (here is not fine to say at the time, said before) for working people, not for fashion trouser but in order to facilitate the work. Subsequent to the last century in 50s, famous films such as "rebel without a cause" and "feichedang", the protagonist of the film are comfortable, elegant jeans, influence and guide the trend in those big stars, jeans became a sign of fashion in Europe at that time, the young people began to pop group rolled up trousers. "Rebel without a cause" "Biker" later this cool behavior is a street dancer is different to follow, and the general public, the two is to Bboy to Powermove because the time will mention pants is to prevent sometimes too much action pants a little hinder the smooth action, gradually formed the habit of pants. Domestic jeans from the beginning of 80s, from Hongkong and other places, by the year 90s, casual jeans on the street can be seen. After 2000, Edison Chan Shawn Yue, a group of Hongkong fashion star debut, they will take the fashion leisure dress, wearing trousers rolled up, began to sweep volume in China (roll up) at the wave. Roll trousers for what? 1 don’t want long pants cover 2 nice shoes look smooth and clean cut 3 long pants, straight pants look close let feet feel let 4 trousers red ear nice out 5 summer cool rolled up (for long legs, winter can also taboo: 1) don’t wear stockings, Vol. after the Show Socks (socks can also look very ugly, said before the socks can be exposed to the ankle) 2 volumes on the line, you are not going to planting, so high volume for? In general, I like to show my ankle that is the height of a fist. Jeans Chino can be a little high, low overalls. 3 volume 1~2 volume on the line, do not roll addiction, do not be too thick! TIPS: remember, the weight of a cowboy is also important. The weight of a cowboy is the weight of each piece of cloth. So a 12.5 ounce pair of jeans is made of a cloth of about 12.5 ounces per yard. The heavier the weight, the thicker the material, and the more durable. If practice相关的主题文章: