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Hilary’s "mail door" incident escalated to 3 point to Clinton – Sohu News – this is the August 15th – Clinton in Pennsylvania, the United States to participate in the election campaign. Xinhua news agency, 17 months, Hilary, Clinton’s campaign is completely shrouded in the shadow of the mail door. In March last year, Hilary admitted to the United States Secretary of state during the use of private e-mail to deal with about 60 thousand messages, submitted to the State Council has not yet deleted about 30 thousand official mail. A month later, Hilary officially announced to participate in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Although the Hilary campaign has been trying to play down the impact of the "mail door" incident, but with the presidential election day approaching, "mail" not only lingering, but also escalating. The conservative organization judicial watch before the exposure of Hilary’s message, directed at the Secretary of state Hilary tenure, charitable organization whose husband founded the Clinton foundation of the State Council, and involves the transfer of benefits, abuse of power, which was called by the media "mail 3". The local time on August 22, 2016, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation in the investigation of the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary first "mail" incident, found another 15 thousand letter is not the Hilary team to mail the mail, temporarily unknown whether related to public service. Net is an article pointed out that in the presidential election as a symbol of the "American democracy", has long been a tree for global democracy "model", Americans are proud of the capital. 2016 U.S. presidential election, the "mail" farce has exposed the embarrassment of "American democracy", so that the world can see the hypocrisy of American democracy through this political show. "The mail door" the aftermath of November 8th, the United States will usher in the 2016 presidential election day. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald? Trump? The tug of war intensified. Since April last year to participate in the election so far, Hilary’s mail storm never stopped. Last March, the "mail" incident exposed, Hilary admitted that the use of private e-mail for official mail, questioned whether the behavior of external cause leaks. At the beginning of July this year, launched on the "mail" incident in the Federal Bureau of investigation for nearly a year, the United States Attorney Loretta? Lynch officially announced not to prosecute Hilary. Hilary’s team believes that the political impact of the mail door can fade out of view with the end of the investigation, but in July 22nd this year, the mail door event has been upgraded to 2. The WikiLeaks website discloses 19252 emails from senior Democrats within the United States Secret and 29 audio files, according to Hilary senior Democratic Party candidate default relates to collusion, and participated in the "money laundering" and many other media manipulation scandal. A month later, the door has been developed to the 3 trend. In August 22nd, the U.S. State Department confirmed that the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FB I) in the investigation of the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary, "mail door" incident, found that the.相关的主题文章: