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Heilongjiang province canceled and the standard 37 "wonderful proof" – Beijing northeast network October 9th news (reporter Zhang Wei Wang Chunying) reporter from the provincial government to promote the transformation of the functions of the coordination group office was informed that our province cut unnecessary certification work to achieve substantive results, first cancel and standardize the proof of the 37 items. It is reported that in early April of this year, according to the provincial people’s Congress submitted "on the neighbourhood chapter suggestions" universal "wonderful proof", the provincial government to promote the transformation of the functions of the office of the coordination group has two in-depth Zhaodong city street community, Qigihar City owned county (District) to carry out research, understand the proof issued by the grassroots and procedures. According to the study of the situation, issued the "notice on the investigation and statistics of the township, street community, a certificate issued by the procedures" (black political turn office issued 2016 No. 6), the specific situation throughout the organization to conduct a comprehensive investigation and analysis by the township, street, community issued certificates and procedures and a serious argument put forward, whether to need to issue the certificates and procedures of the opinion. In mid May, more than 9000 certificates and procedures across the province to classify, one by one analysis, the function name, the same or similar and uniform proof procedures name, the total statistics prove matters 283, handling matters 308, proof of matters that should not be issued by the 194 basic procedures, matters 141. In late July, 54 organizations related, provincial units of 283 proof and 308 procedures in accordance with the laws and regulations put forward clear views. At the beginning of September, the research screened 37 high grade service and the masses in the proof of matters all relevant units agreed to cancel, as one of the first to be cancelled and standard certification. At the end of September, the provincial government leaders signed the wholesale, announced the first batch of cleaning results to the society. The first 37 categories of cancellation and specification are divided into four categories: one is the direct cancellation. The organs, institutions and state-owned enterprises, intermediary and social organizations, is no longer required 6 Xiang Zhengming masses issued proof, accident: burial certificate, single and nonparous proof, unmarried first birth certificate, birth certificate, not proof of unmarried cohabitation. The two is a grassroots level to provide all kinds of identity cards, valid residence, business license, insurance card, bank deposit or related materials, no longer require proof of the 14: check the file issued by the certificate and certificate, certificate, old age allowance serving high age certificate, proof of age, 80 years old to 90 years old, veterans certificate, retirement certificates, certificates, proof of the disease, cancer, drug and medical certificate to prove that the floating population, the Disabled Scooter proof. Three is the government departments at all levels through information sharing, field visits, investigation to obtain relevant information, to meet the conditions, no longer require proof of the 12 masses issued: no ability to repay, "three noes" (no income, no ability to work, do not support obligations or legal obligations to support people loss of the ability to work and to bring citizens) proof, do not harm the social proof, proof of address, the location of housing, housing as real proof, proof of business.相关的主题文章: