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He said: the domestic and foreign futures market futures markets outlook and strategy review next week Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The comprehensive index of goods this week, the dollar index continued to high sideways, the whole week declined slightly by 0.05% to 95.436. Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates to suspend the lifting of the temporary lifting of the burden of interest rates, is the main reason for the decline in the dollar. Next week, the market is still focused on the Fed’s official interest rate hike and talk about the trend of the United States and the relevant economic data trends, in addition to China’s accession to the SDR in October 1st will also have a certain impact on the dollar. Expected short-term volatility of the dollar has not yet ended, the shock interval narrowed in the vicinity of 95, but more and more close to the time window. The BDI index rebounded sharply after the following early this week, adjustments, fell 7.01% to 875 weeks, the continuous rise, coupled with the early China ore, coal and other experienced in the import peak after the resurgence, provided the conditions for the index adjustment. The future, the United States in the three quarter GDP growth down, the slow economic recovery, the Japanese economy continued negative growth, growth in Southeast Asia, South America, emerging economies slow, Chinese economy has stabilized but late demand especially demand for commodities is expected in the structure transformation and industrial upgrading, import growth but limited range. Therefore, the market next week, the possibility of continuation of the callback is not small. But in the medium term, global economic growth is still expected, positive impact on commodity prices, commodity structure is still expected to rebound in the big pattern. CRB index continued to rebound this week, up 1.76% to 186.32, a strong rebound in crude oil, non-ferrous metals, precious metals rebounded to contribute to it. In the future, OPEC reached the agreement to promote the production of crude oil and other commodity base is expected to rebound, the United States, the European Union to restore economic growth, China’s economic stability, the index upward pull. Although the short term because of the relevant national industrial policy, structural transformation and other factors, the import and export data has changed, but in general, rising demand is still possible. Therefore, it is expected that the market outlook CRB index to maintain the possibility of partial shocks on the run. The energy of the plate this week, WTI crude oil index rises, a strong rebound, the whole week rose 7.37% to 49.22, Brent crude index rose 7.26% to 51. The fundamentals, main factors affecting oil prices this week for the oil producing countries to reach a property agreement, producing cost, fiscal policy, the dollar is relatively weak, U.S. crude oil inventories fell, the bull market allocation. Next week, after a strong rebound in the market to usher in the above pressure, the market is ascribed to the possibility of greater shock again after the shock interval will be around $50. Strategy to see, the original multi continue to hold, meet the appropriate high empty. The precious metals sector this week, the U.S. rate hike boots landing, the risk from high to low, the stock market rebound, after aggravating the market rebound pressure, COMEX gold by elastic modulation, the week down 1.64% to 1320, the London spot gold fell 1.62% to 1316.02 weeks. New York silver index fell 2.65% to 19.260. On相关的主题文章: