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His business failed also in prison but was known as the most handsome man in Hongkong warm – Sohu news in 2013 in Hongkong, thousands of people voted for "ten positive energy", Andy Lau duck ranked second, ranked third, ranked first, even just "poor area" of a meat shop owner, 63 year old Guangdong people in Panyu Chen Zhuoming. Walk in Sham Shui Po, regardless of everyone, everyone called him brother a statement. He is not what somebody, just a restaurant owner and chef, store food for decades is not the price, the cheapest single quarter sold 13 yuan, 21 yuan, three large boxes, enough, enough to eat two meals. This shop, in the soaring prices, eat a bowl of noodles are 4 and 50 dollars to Hongkong, almost impossible to find second. Ming brother would rather earn less, than to increase. Because he believes: "poor people should have enough to eat! Poor people can eat well!" The profit is too low for this thing, the brother often smiled and said: "earn less with less now, the shop also is not to make money anyway. As long as they can afford to rent a day, the store will be open." Because it is cheap, a lot of people are attracted to the brother store for dinner, the guests are mostly homeless and elderly people living alone, drugged, prison, amputation of feet…… What people have. He and his wife insisted for 8 years free of charge for meal. Regardless of wind or rain, the brother grizzled pushed heavy wheel scooters, the shuttle in the heavy traffic in Sham Shui Po, will reeky meals to bridges and shack. There are homeless, or poor old man. From the beginning of the dozens of lunch to half a year after each distribute 400 lunch. From two couples working side by side to have a team of 200 volunteers. Ming brother insisted for eight years. But he is not a rich man, he was born in Guangdong, Panyu, a young father, poor family. 1979 coming to Hongkong, starting 1983 in Sham Shui Po North River Street restaurant as a chef. Partner for illegal hiring undocumented employees were reported, but Xiang Ming brother complained, said his home there are old and small, miserable home strapped. Brother Ming people, without demur for partners top crime, sentenced to three months in jail. Brother Ming after his release will comeback, mid-range hotel to sell cheap lunch, the main object is the poor. The media reported his story, many people are attracted to donor support, with brother Ming donated money printed meal coupons distributed to people in need. Brother Ming month issued 500 free coupons, let the people who need to eat a meal of soup. The world really have a free lunch? Ming said, I know the need to help others feel, so when others are in trouble, I will try to help." A strong human food, the hunger breeds discontentment culture, care of those who are desperate, the dignity of food meals. He said he could understand the poor helpless: "these friends will not end on the money, did not really even buy lunch money, these meal coupons can through the hard days." He said that only a full meal before they have the strength to change the sleepy.相关的主题文章: