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[Hawaii] Hawaii Island Tourism latent beauty – Sohu of Hawaii tourism The Big Island Island, also called Hawaii island Hawaii Island, is one of the largest island of Hawaii, is bigger than the other islands of the total area. The island has two airports, located in Hilo and Kona Island Hilo Kona, is the largest island of the west coast and east coast, most of the local people are living in Shiloh, so will be more lively hilo. Because the big island, around the island to play at least 2 days, small advice, if you want to travel around the island, can be settled in Hilo and Kona, which can reduce the time spent on the way. Next, Xiao Bian will offer the heavy island to play the Raiders, are you ready? And (^o^) YES, a Kahameiha! I king Statue of King Kamehameha in "the statue [Hawaii tourism] of Oahu Raiders you know (1)" is introduced, Oahu has a Kahameiha King statue, the island also has a nearby island north of the card, Pao (Kapaau this is the birthplace of Kahameiha), the king of the. When it comes to the statue, I have to mention a magical experience. It is the first Kahameiha King statue, on their way to the island of Oahu, the accident sank, could not find, and then re build a bridge, is now located in the island of Oahu in downtown Honolulu that. After almost 30 years, miraculously found it in perfect repair, in island. Lost Kahameiha king, returned to the place of birth, falling leaves, like the arrangement of god. Kahameiha King statue further north in the past, is the largest in northern town — Harvey (Hawi). Hawaii will have a small town Gallery, there is no exception, there are some characteristics of the store, you can take advantage of the hand with the letter. In addition, Xiaobian to recommend a restaurant in town — Bamboo Restaurant & Gallery, is a famous old island, Hawaii is the wind, the family’s small shrimp meal appetite, you can try yo. Seven: the big island of Hawaii delta reservation Kohala coast one day tour (including Kahameiha King statue) two, Weipiou Canyon Waipio Valley Weipi gull Canyon, the northeast coast of the island in Hawaii. You can choose the viewing platform nearby (Waipio Valley Lookout) Weipiou overlooking the spectacular scenery of the canyon, can also feel the deep valley, was the religious center of the kingdom of Hawaii. Weipi gull has not been developed completely into the canyon, the bottom of the road is relatively old and steep, need to four-wheel drive into the canyon, of course you can walk into the valley, is more tired, such as the small series for a long time in the office, or honestly choose four-wheel drive. Into the valley like entering the jungle world, sun shading around the woods, drifting with a fresh taste of the unique nature of the forest, from time to time to see the horses rest.相关的主题文章: