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Have [color off]09 fire injured captain suspended Iceland Xingyue difficult Nai     019 ‘s Sunday; World Cup;       Iceland VS Turkey recommended: let the negative FireWire courier: at the Eurobasket 8 teams Iceland round final time scored two goals successfully reversed Finland first win the world preliminaries, two after the War 1 wins and 1 inferior goal difference in group I second, the team nearly 5 3 wins, 2 unbeaten home court. Midfielder G Harff Reid Song and defender Sewall Song sigurdson, etc. the main full in the column, the former Jiangsu sainty striker Kjartan Song also in the name of a single; euro group phase out of Turkey in this times World Cup opening set is connected, has draw seeds in Croatia and Ukraine with a number of goals to occupy the enemy more of the group standings third, the team recently 4 away games 2 wins 2 flat unbeaten. Midfielder Gio Elgee in the battle against Ukraine bench staged a debut; nearly 9 games, Iceland 5 wins 2 flat 2 negative advantage, in France the European Championship qualifier teams to face confrontation, two teams in their respective home court winning cycle events. Injury interpretation: Iceland: effect on the soil super Galatasaray striker Sig Thorson was injured captain king, main midfielder, Gong Nelson accumulated yellow card suspension. Turkey defender Aziz, midfielder Shaheen, Tore, Tulane, Yinan and striker Yilmaz coach Antrim abandoned, the last round of hamstring strain Balta defender missed the team away. Interpretation: handicap: William Hill: 2.40 3.10 compensate 3.10, 2.40 3.20 3 2.54 3.15 2.71 Liverpol: 2.52 – 3.20 2.70 3.30 2.95 2.50 3.30 2.85 INTERWETTEN:2.40 – disc: aocai: tie hemisphere 1.06 0.76, 1.16 0.78 draw Jin Baobo: tie tie 1.13 hemisphere hemisphere 1.13 0.80– 0.80 Yi Shengbo: 1.07, tied 0.84 tied 0.81 in 1.10 to a substantial increase in the level of football in Iceland this summer’s European Championship broke into the top 8, the moon regiment of Turkey group phase has to stop. The list of Turkey coach Antrim abandoned including outstanding, more than any star, it is imperative to reform the knife. Iceland can still make a tie chupan hemisphere concessions, market outlook back plate to compensate a tie plate, found little change, but the mainstream companies have lowered the win odds, Iceland get the ball to the remarkable, optimistic about Turkey on the road to keep undefeated. On Sunday, 017          World Cup;   Albania VS Spain: let the negative schedule favorable start in Albania has defeated the underdog and macedonia.相关的主题文章: