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400 college students in Harbin sanitation workers Posts nearly 4 years into the backbone of " " – Beijing, northeast news network October 26th 26, Harbin usher in the twenty-eighth session of the sanitation workers, sanitation workers for 400 students over the past 4 years has attracted people’s attention again. Reporters from the city sanitation department learned that these college students thought has undergone tremendous change, from the initial hesitation, impetuous, to mature, firm and stable, they have grown into the backbone of recruits from the sanitation sanitation system master the job skills of students, sanitation workers with outstanding performance has become the captain, administrator. I have been able to learn quickly but also take charge as chief of Shangzhi Street Daoli District, Siu Lun Street is an important tourism and regional affairs, here is responsible for sanitation cleaning in cleaning squadron. Wang Bingxue was a college student who entered the squadron in 2012. When you first entered the team, everyone is the same, not because Wang Bingxue is a college student and special care." Daoli District Urban Management Bureau cleaning team captain Li Dan said, but soon, cleaning squadron captain Fan Yi discovered that Wang Bingxue was a good seed. In 2013, Wang Bingxue was recommended as a squadron vice captain. When the vice captain, Wang Bingxue did not captain Fan Er, or work with everyone. In particular, when the snow, has been rushed in front of his wife during pregnancy did not accompany his wife to check. He has a team of more than 30 people, age fifty or sixty years or so, usually called uncle, aunt, have a lot of respect for each worker, as long as the rest, and they are all very homely, in support of his work. Now something Fan Yi, Wang Bingxue, organization of labor allocation workers doing very well, can take charge as chief of the. High tech sweeper people can drive with cleaning the level of vehicle technology, many older drivers have been unable to drive advanced sweeper, and high keys can skillfully drive all kinds of large cleaning vehicle. Harbin Daoli District sanitation office to equipped with a price of more than 200 yuan of the high-tech imports "road sweeper treasure", this car is not only high technology content, or right-hand drive. "When the gang came to the team, no one would ever open it. The Council invited experts in Italy training us, as a young man I crustily skin will go up, half a month I can drive the machine." Gao Jian said. Undergraduate professional automotive electronics technology Chang Zhongqing in the machine swept the group engaged in maintenance work, maintenance of some new cleaning machinery. He can "apply", their professional practice and find a good point, a good sanitation workers behind "". Graduated from Harbin Normal University computer professional Lee hole, after a clean car team in Nangang District, a driver, is now intelligent public toilets management system project leader. From the impetuous to firm mostly into the "backbone" of Nangang District Urban Management Bureau cleaning a team of Yu Ziying said: "I just ran to the cause of the preparation, think also very naive, that won’t let us go to the frontline to sweep the streets of college students, the day it was the master away, then want to cry, do not want to go home. But Division)相关的主题文章: