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[happy trip] cold autumn taste delicious – southeast Xintai kitchen – Sohu and heart cold, cold, cool though imperial major portal has no warning, but gives the intuitive feeling…… A pile of no long winded news focus, the most intuitive daily body temperature is about: lost the courage to get out of bed. Crustily skin with bestie mall shopping spree, until you see the new Thai Restaurant Restaurant directly into the bar, frozen biological was saved, the weather steaming hot tea and winter Yingong than what are attractive. Speaking of Thai food, seafood and fruits and vegetables must be fresh with pepper, shrimp paste, curry spice large ensemble, so is this store. Play the red green yellow curry are coaxed again (hot degree according to this ranking, followed by decreasing) [green] [Curry Shrimps, Malaysia Curry Chicken] and [gentle] Dry Curry prawns. Here a few totally did not expect so spicy green curry, curry was a spoiled girl directly drank half a pitcher of lemonade, love this one more girl randomly added a bowl of Steamed Rice. Curry Chicken with Griddle Cake might point two, and curry sauce is perfect, this is a sweet sauce can not reach the height of Steamed Rice ~ personal prefer red curry chicken in this dish, spicy with sweet ~ [55 yuan] Pattaya grilled chicken hot cool girl directly added sweet mouth hard dish served that savory roasted chicken, but the actual stores with coconut milk and coconut sugar in the cooking time, insist on a word with Orlean Roast Chicken feeling. [$36] spicy shrimp paste stir fried shrimp paste I refused, but after heating but not so heavy fishy smell, in a meat dish instead of clip a few chopsticks. [Gai Lan Gai Lan] 48 yuan Thai Beef is very tender! Many Cantonese restaurant in Beijing with old Gai Lan carelessly a dish, even in the Thai restaurant to eat so tender, Rio happy, half dishes are my contract! [Tom Yum Kung (big)] 68 yuan at up a small "pot", but in fact a table of people eating just shrimp, very fresh, according to my personal taste this dish is a bit sour, but listen to bestie said more than the local acid, I hesitate in the winter of Thailand is also like this arrangement dish in my todo list…… [$39] Fried Eggs shrimp cake this is actually the first hot dishes, busy brush WB I was Fried Eggs aroma hook lift head, a piece of golden time suffer hunger and cold is too sweet, eggs, lovers of instant gratification. The staple point [] [shrimp, shrimp fried rice Fried rice noodles] Rice noodles is sweet! Suffice it to say, for the first time to eat sweet fried rice noodles, squeeze the lemon juice and then mixed with pepper and sweet taste in order to break the entrance. Shrimp fried rice is everyone with a different taste of curry sauce, but did not eat out…… Mango dessert [29 yuan] [Glutinous rice, coconut sago cake] 20 yuan more recommend the former, micro glutinous rice is not a simple sweet, carefully chewing a bit salty? With coconut and mango is a perfect ending. Sago cake topping is corn is quite rare, other people love to eat相关的主题文章: