Hainan unreasonable unreasonable to develop low-cost tour of the average daily consumption of the re-ssdao

Hainan remediation unreasonable cheap travel tours daily set minimum consumption reference price – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Haikou November 13th news (reporter Li Jinhong) reporter learned from the Hainan provincial government, from this month 10 days until the end of April 2017, Hainan province carried out the special rectification action "unreasonable low price, will be released through the tour guide price, thorough investigation of the signing of the contract, strict management of shopping sites, against" unreasonable low price tour". The remediation, Hainan will crack down on false propaganda, the development of the local tourism team daily average minimum consumer reference price and tourism products, good faith guidance. The comprehensive tourism websites, travel websites, online travel booking service website, website of the tourist attractions and travel channel, travel website APP website and the media to thoroughly investigate and resolutely clean-up, shut down a number of illegal and serious dishonesty released "unreasonable low price tour tourism websites and advertising information. In addition, it will cut unreasonable low price chain. Severely punished travel agencies and tourists do not sign a contract or contract signed false behavior, as well as the travel agency entrusted to other travel agency sales package tourism products, and tourists a package tour contract, trust travel agencies and travel agency basic information not specified in package tour contract.相关的主题文章: