Guo Degang response to Cao Yunjin pay attention to the time to get on the invoice (video)-lformat

Guo Degang responded to Cao Yunjin: time to notice invoice wrote "to Guo Degang [Abstract] if something you can find the invoice ah, engraved chapter cover that I charge, but must pay attention to it all the time". Guo Degang data figure Guo Degang micro-blog Cao Yunjin Guo Degang sun issued a response. The invoice stamp refuted one by one Tencent Sun Entertainment News 25 am Guo Degang hit back at the beginning of the month long criticized his former disciple Cao Yunjin, 14 PM, Cao Yunjin issued "my conservation has run out in anger before!" again in response to Guo Degang, Cao Yunjin posted his tuition receipt to prove that Guo Degang’s speech is false. Cao Yunjin’s article published shortly after the attack, Guo Degang also updated micro-blog forwarded the disciples of Zhang Helun micro-blog, Zhang Helun wrote "take the tuition this thing is, is that one of my poor children, I did not pay a penny of tuition, it said that if the high tuition fees of 8000 a year, which I can test three Deyunshe, a I had run out of time." And Guo Degang, if you have to point forward to write, you can find an invoice ah, engraved chapter cover that I charge, but should pay attention to all the time to get on".相关的主题文章: