Guo Chuan is dead, but the media flees a chilly

Guo Chuan is dead, but the media flees a chilly US Coast Guard 26 confirmed that the missing Chinese Guo Chuan navigator in the waters near Hawaii, although hope a miracle, but in the preliminary study, the United States expressed condolences. However, when people say: "the captain, please reply," up a sound social media, events and parties. As a time as we have known, when a celebrity of his death, mourning inevitably doping some acrimony. People like this, what is it? People will die, his words are good. People go to, mourning and respect. This is the world that reality is not so. However, we can always see some good cases. In April this year, the United States well-known musicians Prince suddenly died, the death of different opinions. But the mainstream public opinion is mourning and sending. Mourners including President Obama, he gave the "Prince" highly on the day of the speech, said he is "the most powerful, the most creative and most courageous people," he said "the Prince" passing away "the world has lost one of the iconic figures". In May 3rd, the American radio play "Prince" singing love songs "no one can replace you", through the waves of the memory of the late pop legend. There was also the American singer Whitney · Houston, who died in February 2012, was found in a bathtub filled with water in a hotel room. The cause of death was found to be directly related to cocaine use. Behind her is also a constant rumor, but the mainstream of public opinion is still mourning and missing. At the time of the April Grammy Awards, the stars came to the collective tribute to Whitney. The ceremony began, the host ‘· J for Houston. The scene also played Houston sang the classic song "I will always love you," the video clips, the audience rose to applaud for her for a long time. The same as the prince, Whitney · a brief life ups and downs of the ups and downs of the scandal, scandal, the life of the last glory is not glory, and then, in the same way as the prince. However, this does not affect the beauty and power they have brought to the world. There is the human nature of good and evil, and we often have a word: sin not unto death. What human society is rarely the person guilty of the most heinous crimes, not only that, when a person dies of grief, isn’t it more than slander and banished? If every time a person died, words, followed by endless rumors, this social problem is inevitable. April 2013, the United States marathon in Boston, several Chinese students to see the game while watching the game, a girl was killed. With some online rumors and speculation in the local differences, the students of the campus, you can only feel sad and sorry, on the campus is a fun, cute and diligent in such a beautiful image, her beauty to say goodbye to us, this is her to leave the world of beauty, and not evil. Such separation is good. Lu Gang murder is a very typical case. In November 1, 1991, about half past three in the afternoon, Chinese student Lu entered the ongoing seminar where the University of Iowa · Alan Department of physics building, pulled out a pistol.相关的主题文章: