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Real-Estate If you have the intent to buy property abroad, you should follow a set of methodical and systematic process, based from careful analysis, planning and execution. However, more often myriads of naive homeowners ignore the essence of these processes and purchase property investments impulsively as they are driven by their emotions rather than logical considerations. Unluckily, such hasty actions often lead to serious consequences. The inability to follow real estate purchasing methods may end up with results like the property having no habitation license, refusal of utilities, inability for resale, poor house construction which may result to accidents and at times having the house demolished. The mistakes you make when you buy property abroad are more likely to fire back at you in the form of legal troubles, stress and uncertainty that could last longer than you expected""results that any prospective homeowner would not wish to undergo. Purchase a property overseas in haste, and you are more likely to bewail your decision in the future. To avoid these mistakes from firing back at you, getting things done properly could mean doing things one step at a time and doing a lot of property-related researches. Once you are able to do things accordingly you would definitely enjoy the fruits of your patience without getting caught up in any legal problem. It cannot be denied that it is tempting to search for property investments whenever you’re in a holiday vacation, and it does make sense to purchase property in a location that you know and you enjoy than putting your money in a property in an uncharted territory. However, you should consider that holidays are not the right time to do your property scouting as you’re not virtually on you rational mind during these periods, meaning you have to set the right time to truly indulge in property-hunting visit. It is also advisable to search in different locations for varying real estate investments for .parisons that would help you with your decisions. A well acknowledged location that holds functional property investments that you could try are the homes for sale in Guam. The costs of homes for sale in Guam are .paratively lower than in other countries, though the biggest cost could be accounted to the real estate agent, between 4% to 10% of the value of the property which would be paid by the seller, while the buyer would shoulder all the other fees including the title insurance, recording fees and the escrow fee. There are no restrictions on foreign property ownership, but in Guam foreigners are only allowed to purchase one owner-occupied property under their personal names if they are not citizens of the USA and have no intention to be.e permanent residents in the said territory. Assuming that you have found your dream house in one of the homes for sale in Guam, the next thing that you would have to go through is to check whether there are associated problems with the property that you would like to buy. One of the first things that you have to do is to have a survey undertaken in order to ensure that the physical condition of the house is safe to live in and there are no structural problems such as subsidence or no roof replacements are needed which could posit extra costs on your part later on. If you’re assured that there are no associated problems with the property there would be some sort of a title, written documents regarding who owns what, and series of contracts that you have to address, which falls in two general categories: first, the preliminary contract that stipulate the owners willingness to sell the property and the buyer’s willingness to purchase such property ac.panied with some form of deposit, and second, the signing of the closing contract that would finalize the deal. From here, it is apparent that there is a need for you to employ the services of a personal legal representative and not the one suggested by the selling agent in order to ensure that your interest would be represented fairly, the property bounds are clearly outline and you won’t be suffering from ownership disputes in the future. If you will buy a property in Tamuning, for instance, with the objective of using it as a profitable investment, you must give emphasis on the financial elements of such prospective property. If your objective is to get an in.e through rentals, it is advisable to search the local rental market so that you could establish the return that you should expect. It is also suggested to do a consumer research to properly measure the rate of rental occupancy in the location of your prospective property and .pare it with nearby locations including costs such as utility bills, taxes, and housekeeping to know whether you would really earn in the future if you make such purchase. All in all, purchasing property overseas has many drawbacks and requirements; however, these things should not hold you from owning a property as the rewards you would receive are far greater than the drawbacks you are likely to experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: