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Guangxi Qinzhou to build strategic emerging industry clusters – Beijing new network in Qinzhou in September 27, (Chen Yan), deputy secretary of the CPC Guangxi municipal Party committee of Qinzhou acting mayor Huang Haikun said on the 27, Qinzhou is vigorously foster strategic emerging industries, promote intelligent equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles, robotics and other fields to achieve innovation and development, have a greater impact on the formation Guangxi and even the country’s strategic emerging industrial clusters. Huang Haikun held the first meeting of the Fifth People’s Congress of Qinzhou Municipality on the first day of 27. He pointed out that since 2011, Qinzhou high tech Industrial A new force suddenly rises. This year’s total output value of high-tech industry is expected to exceed 15 billion yuan, an increase of more than 2011 times of 13. At present, HUAWEI cloud computing and data center successfully signed fujito, technology and other key projects completed and put into production, Hui Bao source of successful trial production, electronic information, medicine industry and rapid growth. Zhuo new energy has become Guangxi’s first successful "included in the Ministry of vehicle battery industry norms conditions" directory of enterprises. At the same time, the completion of Guangxi autonomous region level high-tech zones and a number of science and technology business incubator, five years 10 new provincial enterprise technology center, 4 provincial engineering technology research center, patent ownership increased 11 times in five years. In the middle of this month, Qinzhou in the thirteenth China – ASEAN Expo signed 23 projects with a total investment of RMB 12 billion 292 million yuan. The signing of new energy projects, product processing logistics and other projects, to further optimize the city’s industrial structure, promote the development of circular economy, low-carbon economy. Huang Haikun said, the city will start the construction of independent innovation demonstration zone, promote the construction of high-tech industrial belt in the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, to develop a new generation of information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, bio medicine, intelligent equipment manufacturing and high-tech industries, to create a national high-tech zone actively. According to the plan, Qinzhou will promote intelligent equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles, robots, Beidou navigation, general aviation, biomedicine, cloud computing and other fields to achieve innovation and development, upgrading the petrochemical, metallurgy, food, agricultural machinery, wood processing and other traditional industries, promote the agriculture science and technology innovation, technology exchange and research platform construction. At the same time, the implementation of data development strategy, promote the information platform construction of cloud computing, smart city, foster the development of the information economy, promote the "Internet plus" manufacturing "+" "+" ecological tourism "+" "+ ocean" and other new formats, new pattern to develop in depth, accelerate the construction of cloud computing and big data industry Intelligent Manufacturing Park, industrial park and other emerging industry gathering base, and strive to build Guangxi big data service center background base. Huang Haikun said, will further support the development and construction of Chinese – Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park, give priority to promote industrial cooperation satellite applications, traditional Chinese medicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, biological medicine, new energy and energy saving and environmental protection, the Internet and a new generation of information technology and other key industry clusters, build Guangxi Innovation Park, first in Malaysia International Cooperation Demonstration Zone capacity. The Guangxi in the days before the launch of a strategic emerging industry development plan, "ten)相关的主题文章: