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"Grandpa Christina 38" release exposure fragment landlords cheat – Sohu Tong Dawei entertainment "Grandpa Christina 38" Saimoe age difference of three generation     Sohu entertainment news by Tong Dawei, Michelle Chen, Lv Yuncong starred in the eleven blockbuster double comedy film "Grandpa decompression Christina 38" today (November 11th) the pressure released. The tide of Grandpa "Tong Dawei," the earth hot mom "Michelle Chen," the most adorable grandson "Lv Yuncong" weirdo family ", in the film the battle of wits, hilarious opening. The release day, over the same period of exposure of the movie classic "landlords" fragment, Tong Dawei and grandson Lv Yuncong "staged" landlords brain collapse "showdown, the initial confidence in Tong Dawei had lost card case, Restroom cards to cheat, but still be lucky at cards to burst" grandson "Lv Yuncong easily KO, that Tong Dawei did not dare to believe her" this card is poor too far, can not play!" Funny collocation background music full of delight, between the grandparents quarrelsome lovers in the film the battle of wits remarkable. Aspect one: not generally pure comedy comedy! Eleven no longer buy buy buy decompression and other pure to spoof comedy film, film "Grandpa Christina 38" outline a realistic story easy and decompression, single mother Tang Huiru (Michelle Chen decorated) with his son (Lv Yuncong) to find out where the anchor Zhi Wu (Tong Dawei). "Dad, which launched three generations under the same roof" secret "cohabitation. Entertainment critic "under three" touch said after watching film, "the film" Grandpa Christina 38 "truly, with stories, emotional expression of humor happy, laughter again and again spread happiness, imperceptibly in decompression decompression." Two things: the quarrelsome lovers wits! Tong Dawei Michelle Chen Lv Yuncong in the comedy film offbeat warmth, 38 year old Grandpa, a 20 year old mother, 5 year old grandson, one family "Saimoe age difference", "Grandpa |" and uninvited daughter grandson Tong Dawei was forced to live together, three people immediately launched a battle of wits and quarrelsome lovers live mode, gradually realize the importance of Tong Dawei to love and responsibility. The movie smile hidden in tears, with a witty and dramatic form into the "illegitimate" and "star scandal" and other sensitive topics in contemporary society, to avoid the heavy sense and convey the correct ideas and views. Tong Dawei warm male funny funny three: "when the mother" and "Hi""! The image of Michelle Chen Tong Dawei acting "subversion Grandpa Christina 38" is Tong Dawei and Michelle Chen for the first time with the wind play, two people in the play have successfully created a new image, show full of tension. In the film, has always been to warm the image of the man who played Tong Dawei played a scandal continued gas star anchor, overnight, even jump, when 38 years old grandfather. In the life of Tong Dawei is the father of 3 children, but the "Grandpa" generational role or have no small challenge. The "daughter" of Michelle Chen as a young mother from the country, with the first instant noodles messy, full of "Hu Jian" dialect, overacts straight left goddess burden, playing dress.相关的主题文章: