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Google Pixel  XL run contrast apple iPhone7  Plus– communication channel — original title: Google Pixel XL run Google contrast apple iPhone7 Plus latest son Pixel (Pixel and XL) the price reached the same level of iPhone and apple, then inevitably be in all respects with the apple iPhone comparing the. Just outside the media exposure of a new Google Pixel XL Geekbench run screenshots, results have shown its defeat in the iPhone7 feet. Google Pixel XL apple iPhone7 Plus run of comparison (Figure phonearena) Google Pixel XL is equipped with the latest Xiaolong 821 processor, running memory built-in 4GB system. Apple iPhone7 Plus is equipped with apple A10 Fusion processor, built-in 3GB system running memory. Google Pixel XL run (figure from phonearena) iPhone7 Plus run (figure from phonearena) Geekbench run results show that Google Pixel XL single core performance 1607, multi-core performance of 4147 points, compared with the apple iPhone7 Plus single core performance reached two times, Google Pixel XL 3469, multi core the performance has reached 5601 points, almost victory. Of course, running the data does not represent the actual experience, so the comparison is for reference only. (commissioning editor Zhang Ge and Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: