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Google Pixel mobile phone is still "accessories" life fall results – Sohu technology a few days ago, Google held a new conference in San Francisco, has five hardware products, one of the most ordinary users attention is naturally it’s two mobile phone: Pixel and Pixel XL. And Google specifically stressed that this phone is completely designed by Google’s own hardware and software, but also based on this, these two phones are expected to be part of the industry, but the iron man was to pour cold water on Google. Mutual comparison between Google mobile phone a little sincerity first view of two mobile phone, in addition to the size of the screen and battery, almost no difference, although are equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 821, but not 6GB RAM, many people think that some are not sincere. But even Xiaolong 821, Pixel and Pixel by XL is 2*2.15GHz+2*1.65GHz quad core SoC, to know that this is almost 820 and Qualcomm snapdragon specifications that Pixel uses as like as two peas, Xiaolong 821 is the 821 version of the lowest frequency, the actual performance is only Xiaolong 820 version of the standard level. While the same collocation Xiaolong 821 processor millet 5S specification is 2.15GHz+2.0GHz. Let’s look at the appearance, the thickness of 8.5mm, super touching rear frame size, fingerprint identification and so on, if these elements appear in a price of up to four thousand or five thousand yuan of domestic mobile phone, must want to be known as "rob" title, and Google Pixel and Pixel XL did, and so careless to sale the. As a high-tech, black technology is well-known in the world, the company has long hovered in the world’s second largest market capitalization of the first Internet companies, it is difficult to say Google phone technology even millet can not catch up. I am afraid that this is not a good answer. So why does Google have to publish such a mobile phone? What exactly does Google do? Google mobile phone Pixel is still accessories life in fact, the answer to this question can be found from the conference. The day of the press conference, Google released a total of five intelligent hardware, it seems to be in the field of intelligent hardware force. I think you will find that almost all the people came to the product introduction, will refer to "Google Assistant" Google assistant, which integrates Google speech recognition, artificial intelligence, search services in a variety of techniques, almost all of the hardware is the core of the soul. It is clear that this integration of hardware and software, especially intelligent is the core of this conference, Google is also smart that future trends, so this conference is released several hardware, rather than released a software system, and is equipped with several "Shun hand released this system the attachment. Since the primary and secondary has been clear, it is not difficult to understand why this Google Pixel is still the attachment of fate. And this is doomed from the beginning attachment destiny o相关的主题文章: