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Go to Luoyang about, Little Simba bloom strength… Sohu car time: September 19th Venue: Luoyang event: to drive the young Simba about right, you must have heard today, I and all the media teachers conducted a long-awaited "date in Luoyang the ancient capital of nine dynasties". As the protagonist, in order to bring a lot of fun driving experience, I have resorted to force the Part ~ 1: I and the peony is beautiful? When it comes to Luoyang, everyone will think of the peony, is the so-called "only really Guose peony bloom season, moving the capital". The trip to Luoyang, missed the peony bloom but I bloom national beauty and heavenly fragrance, the charm will make you a worthwhile trip. The first meeting, the media teacher frequent praise, prance stereo waistline brighten, aesthetic and muscle tension, and a black diamond type across the tail through the expansion of the visual effects, like a beautiful scenery. Part 2: can my sense of rhythm give full marks? Since the Tang Dynasty, poetry, music, dance music and dance culture three-in-one prevailed in Luoyang, the beautiful melody and graceful dance rhythm let countless tourists intoxicated. On the rhythm, My Little Simba favorably. The dot matrix grille grille, and hollow braided, formed a sense of order and rhythm effect. In addition, LED lion eye headlights let me full of three-dimensional sense and deep sense. Part 3: belly "enjoy the most proud of is not just for the people of Luoyang peony, there are a variety of special snack, Luoyang, Luoyang, do not turn the flesh of a donkey soup jelly…… We may have a habit, each to a new place will taste the local special snack, journey to some "material" and "material" is not only the taste of delicacy, and I use the Peugeot interior, unique and innovative design philosophy to build the body only i-Cockpit cockpit and double color stitching and material mix, only to achieve more sensual quality. The teacher said that the media than bring enjoyment of taste great delicacy! Part 4: happy important, peace of mind is more important in the journey, the most important thing is to have fun. But I have more important tasks. In terms of security, my strength can not be underestimated! All of the standard ESP9.1 system, equipped with blind detection system, at the same time with the tire pressure monitoring system, so that everyone can feel at ease to enjoy driving pleasure. Part 5: I brought more than a passion autumn breeze, a pleasant climate, it is very suitable for a speed and passion collision. My 1.6THP, 1.2THP, 1.6L CVVT three engines, strong power to meet the speed of the pursuit of pleasure. After the passion, we are more concerned about the problem of fuel consumption, then I’ll play a big move: 1.6THP, 1.2THP, 1.6L CVVT three engine fuel consumption were low to 6.1L, 5.1L, 5.9L, the whole system comes standard with STT, but also enjoy the surging power and guarantee the fuel economy. I have no reservation to charm, just to make you more!相关的主题文章: