Getting Ready For The Next Season Of nurse Jackie On Satellite Tv

Movies-TV Leave it to Showtime to introduce a next-level approach to powerful and empowered women characters who are also a bit .plicated. This trend started back with the very first season of "Weeds" and has recently been delivered beautifully on "Nurse Jackie," with Edie Falco’s performance as a formerly together nurse one of the best things on television these days. While the words used to describe the character might produce conflicting images in one’s mind, the fact is that she is one of the most tender healthcare providers who has ever been pictured on satellite tv, but that she’s also one of the most naturally flawed and .plex characters, too. Towards the end of last season, viewers were tuning into "Nurse Jackie" by the millions and watching the lead make a series of bad decisions, whether it happened to be taking drugs from places they shouldn’t have .e, or taking money from people who thought they were loaning it for other reasons entirely. And throughout the first couple of seasons, the balance between Jackie’s home life and her secret drug use and workplace dalliances was presented in a way where even the most moral viewers were still voting for Jackie. That’s one of the main aspects behind writing at Showtime these days. It’s brilliant and unlike everything else on satellite tv because somewhat quirky characters are grounded with just enough humanity to keep audiences engaged, rather than feeling judgy. The trouble with "Nurse Jackie" is that it is just too gripping of a ride, and waiting for the season is a type of excruciating not seen often with television programming, even from the premium channels. The writers behind this show are good at moments that take care to reduce the feelings of tension, and give viewers the chance to laugh. But at the same time, building the tension is done so expertly and situations are acted so un.fortably that it can actually end up being a white-knuckled ride as the person watching the show can see just how badly things are piling up to end in trouble for its main character. And that is exactly why this character and this series has been the breakout hit from Showtime, especially during a period of time when the writing on "Weeds" was faltering and viewers were hoping for something that could manage to engage them in a similar fashion. While there might have been a move towards more .plicated characters on Showtime, the truth is that none of them felt real in the same way that Jackie manages to. A lot of this might simply be the acting chops of Edie Falco, who is able to play tough in a way that doesn’t feel particularly strained or over-the-top, and who is able to create an essence to her character where there are problems that viewers don’t feel a need to see redeemed. When Jackie does have troubles with everything catching up during season three, satellite tv viewers are going to feel un.fortable, not like she got a much-deserved .euppance. And pulling that off–that’s some great television. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: