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Germany faces the "digital divide" challenge IT to the upstart "made in Germany" – Beijing, China News Agency, Saarbrucken in Germany on 17 November, (reporter Peng Dawei) "ten years ago the first summit of the IT, we can not imagine today all of this – the intelligent mobile phone, iPad, Google, Airbnb, Spotify, WhatsApp, twitter, Facebook, Youtube……" The German information industry, telecommunications and New Media Association (BITKOM) chairman Torsten Dix? 17, in a speech emotion. For prime minister Merkel, the cabinet officials sitting under the German industrial 4 platform and a number of core members in Germany, proud of the "4 industry" concept five years later, now is facing a real problem — the long "IT hot" list, why not "made in Germany"? 2016 German national IT summit 16 to 17 held in the southwestern city of Saarbrucken. China News Agency reporter noticed at the summit, Germany’s economic and technological circles are benchmarking Silicon Valley and reflect the existence of China, weak links in the network infrastructure, business model innovation of basic education, etc.. Why not have a wireless network? Foreign visitors to Germany will mention such a problem. Germany’s "world news" reported in March of this year, the number of Wifi hotspots in public places in Germany for about 930 thousand, the same as European countries, there are 14 million in Poland, France, more than 1310 of Britain’s 5 million 600 thousand. If taking into account the population of France and Britain, Bodouduo, Germany is the German media in "desert wireless network". The IT summit, including Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of economics Gabriel, including many speakers have mentioned the existence of the digital divide between different classes". To change the dilemma, the German government hopes to grab from the doll. "The digital infrastructure in Germany’s primary and secondary schools is a third world country." The German Alliance Party Parliamentary Group spokesman Jarzombek said the image was. Before this, department minister wanka has announced a funding plan, the Department plans to 2021 before the 5 billion euros for schools with broadband, wireless network, computer and other facilities. The IT summit is the prime minister Merkel witnessed the introduction of Germany’s new "wisdom school" plan and mini computer project, wisdom school Merkel also amused the students with a remote connection. How to introduce new business model, the German industrial 4 faces another challenge. BITKOM policy and economic affairs for the Bielefeld presented data show that the digital 69% in Germany reflects the production process in the enterprise, business model innovation is only 14%. "German companies have core technologies such as machinery manufacturing, medicine and so on a series of field and top, however to this stage, facing the digital revolution, we need more new business models." Torsten Dix said, "we see? Now, I am afraid not in Germany real digital platform International)相关的主题文章: