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Gansu friends to the provincial Party Secretary and governor   message reply; a total of 21 people — local leaders – timed Sanyun resume of   |  message to the Secretary of the Gansu provincial Party committee Comrade Lin Duo resume   |  message to the governor of Gansu province in Beijing in August 26 Xinhua recently, Gansu province for 21 messages to friends party the Secretary of the governor’s reply, message selected as follows: [Internet message] Secretary Wang, hello! I was in Gansu County of Lingtai Province on the West Village of Dong Zhuang agency Liang Zhen Village, 2015, my agency began pouring concrete pavement, the original pavement Unicom every household, but more than the first multi block, there are nearly 10 households in my agency (in a way) I have not hardened road Unicom, many times to find the village they say we are not leadership communication, not to be hardened in the planning, but we are going to give up, in time, the road to the village of hardened, already moved in front of the people, I just want to know, such a waste of resources right? Urge the leadership coming, now the village 10 Club Unicom hardened Road, just the 10 of US households not Unicom, what is going on? Answer: hello! After receiving the message, the main leaders of the county committee in a timely manner on the arrangements for a good town. After investigation, a total of 8 households of 1783 people on the 447 agency Liang Zhen Simon Village, town and village since 2011, relying on the smooth engineering, "a discussion of financial awards complement the project and village self financing, a total of hardening Village Road 3.1 kilometers, covering 6 of the village community 298 1113 people, effectively improve the travel of the masses condition. Agency comments reflect the Dongzhuang a total of 40 households of 173 people, of which the village main road 31 households living in 2015 137, relying on the "thing" financial awards complement the project, "Liang Zhuang Dong Zhuang Dong Gou sclerosis 3 agency main road 1.4 kilometers, directly benefit the masses of 141 households, 9 households for people not on the main road living along the road, not directly connected farmers hardening courtyard, does not exist to change the project implementation place and the problem of resource waste. In this regard, the town Party committee to arrange good 9 people explained the situation, and reached a consensus: before the end of October the organization to mobilize the masses to accomplish the tunnel fell trees and debris removal; in mid November to complete the road widening, rolling and sand drains dredging completed at the end of November. At the same time, in view of the village and the 2 agency and most roadway unhardening status, town and village will continue striving for project funding, increase the intensity of road hardening, the roadway is not included in the project of sand hardening, gradually improve the people’s travel conditions. I wish you good health and good luck. Lingtai county Party Committee Office [August 23, 2016] Internet message in my hometown in the Township Red Fort Jingning County red temple village in Pingliang City, vigorously in the care of the party and the government, we bid farewell to eat rain and playing well in life. But since the middle of last year, our village tap water has been stopped for nearly a year, farmers living water scarce, pull water conditions, no conditions while the rain accumulated rainwater to eat, listen to the people in the village said the pipe burst. Hope that the relevant government departments in a timely manner to respond to the concerns of farmers, what problems, when can be相关的主题文章: