Fuzhou 25, the implementation of unified registration of immovable property real estate license clos diying

Fuzhou 25, the implementation of unified registration of immovable property that closed real estate license channel network September 18th news (reporter Qiu Yexu) yesterday, reporters from Fuzhou city housing registration center was informed that since September 25, 2016, Fuzhou city will implement a unified registration of immovable property. From September 19th onwards, the original land, housing, forestry, marine and other departments to undertake the registration of real estate registration business to stop accepting. However, before the acceptance and commitment by the time limit of the business, in the period from September 19th to September 24th can be a normal tax (fee), licensing. It is understood that in the future, the collective land ownership, ownership of houses and other buildings, building, construction land use rights, land use rights, the right to use the waters, forest, forest ownership, easement, shall apply for registration of real estate mortgage right. Rural land contract and management rights, the state provides a transitional period of 5 years, the transition period by the original department (city agriculture bureau), the transition period will be included in the unified registration of real estate business, specific time notice. All kinds of real estate registration service required application materials, procedures, work time and other relevant requirements, in September 25th up to the hall to receive or sign in the Fuzhou municipal real estate registration and trading center (official website, the upcoming opening of WeChat), public number (Fuzhou City real estate registration and trading center) queryget. Fuzhou housing registration center, said the implementation of a unified registration of real estate, the original certificate continues to be valid, unchanged. The original warrants are complete, in the future in accordance with the law for the real estate transfer and alteration registration shall be issued a new "real property certificate" or "real estate registration certificate". In addition, the already accepted before September 25th and the transfer of property certificates, the public still receive "all of housing", the certificate is still valid in the unified registration of immovable property, without replacement. In addition, the relevant tax directly by the Fuzhou municipal real estate registration and trading center collect, namely the masses shall be paid at the time of collection (card POS machines). Interpretation of the focus of the policy: a new card to increase the use of two-dimensional code? Now the certificate for the "real estate certificate", "real estate registration certificate". Now the certificate on the addition of a two-dimensional code, as the storage of real estate registration information. Just scan the two-dimensional code on the certificate, you can immediately get the number of real estate license, real estate unit number and other relevant information. Both the new certificate of land information, but also housing information, content than the original more, more detailed. Focus two: which points can do real estate registration? Fuzhou real estate registration and trading center. At present, the center has a comprehensive real estate building for the point (Fu Yu Lu, Gulou District No. 200), public service center point (Takahashi road Taijiang District No. 69) for two points. The public service center for the increase of business on the basis of the original Taijiang district since individual housing permit and subsequent registration, the Taijiang area belonged to the resettlement housing permit and subsequent registration (i.e. the original Taijiang District Housing Authority registration business to the public service center for handling point). Fuk Island Road, the center of the integrated real estate building in addition to the Taijiang area since the individual building and follow-up registration.相关的主题文章: