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From Taiwan God stomach soup, drink a bowl of cold season and warm body – Sohu on the first working day after the holiday, the arrival of the cold weather, the lowest temperature in the suburb of Beijing is close to zero. In the face of the sudden arrival of substantial cooling, is not only a sense of body feel instantly cold, our stomach may also feel uncomfortable and cold. Thus, the flowers specially for friends recommend a family to do my health soup — four kinds of pork stomach soup. This is in Taiwan, Fujian, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, many families often do a good taste of soup. The Chinese yam, Poria, lotus seeds, longan, this four kinds of nourishing ingredients, the most appropriate collocation pork stomach stomach, can be used to regulate the spleen and stomach, indigestion, diarrhea and low immunity status. Such a good soup, let a lot of people away, probably because the pork stomach is relatively trouble processing, improper handling, it made out of soup, the taste is not only dirty and not the entrance. Here, the flowers to teach you a few tricks, in this way, you can easily handle the pork stomach. We do not only pork stomach soup is nourishing, Pepper Fried tripe, is spicy and delicious. Ingredients: pork stomach needs: a longan: 8: yam 20 grams lotus: 15 grams of Fuling: 20 grams of salt: the amount of flour: 4 tablespoons ginger, cooking wine: the amount of cooking tools: beautiful original ecological AH pot practices: 1, a pork stomach. When we choose the individual selection of some pork stomach, and don’t choose white, so there may be bleached; choose slightly pink. 2, to buy pork stomach would be more dirty. We need to clean up, the best helper is this: flour. 4 tablespoons of flour scoop, we can use the expired flour, is used for cleaning. 3, first of all we need to leave traces of yellow with outer pork stomach with a knife scrape, the most bacteria. Then put the pork stomach over the inside washing many times. Next, let’s scoop flour, put two spoon, now is the inside hand pork stomach, we carefully scrub, to ensure that each part of the pork stomach wash, about 5 minutes. Then turn over, put into the flour pork stomach outside, also carefully scrub. 4, next put the pork stomach swill after washing many times, scoop a spoonful of salt, hand evenly in the pork stomach, then carefully rub, wait 5 minutes and then rinse. 5, after this step, pork stomach will wash it clean. Time is not used much, using flour and salt is necessary to wash pork stomach. 6, cut the amount of ginger, pork stomach into the pot, pork stomach had not been poured into water, add ginger and cooking wine. Boil the water for 5 minutes and turn off the fire. 7, the cooked pork stomach will reduce the volume of 13 or so, to warm, cut belly silk. 8, we need to prepare the four ingredients. Do I love soup, with the United States and the new original AH pot, whether cooking or soup, can achieve reduction of natural sweet taste, the use of natural stone for the interior, no coating, more healthy. 9, will cut the belly silk and prepared ingredients into the United States with the original Oh相关的主题文章: