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Four years and seven months, the whole music self bedtime story – Sohu muyingle students monthly record or to drop a few days later, but also to some cases reported ~ height 111 cm, weight: 42 kg, when the weekend to the people of pharmacy said, estimation is similar, compared with the recent music students can eat in on the bus today to listen to a mother said the child night’s food, another mother’s advice is to eat some Xiaoshi film like music, mother has more professional better ways to treat the indigestion and constipation to night! The method is not difficult, is every night to belly corn as the center, clockwise massage belly, must use soft strength to massage baby, small intestine and large intestine, and not just on the surface of touch, massage abdomen 100 laps, if this situation usually do not feel at night to eat more, according to the 60 time around but, note that if you press the stomach can be hard, will not be able to, the need to see the doctor to see a doctor, take medicine take medicine!! Oh, a little deviation, we continue to talk music students gave me a bedtime story about. Remember the weekend music students at home, in the afternoon because mother the night before the midnight oil, so want to take a nap, want to let the music students take a nap, ha ha, don’t want to, but to discuss music, music students, my mother had a rest together with you? No, mom, or else I’ll get you to sleep? Wow Kaka, this is a good idea, good then, music students find goggles to music with mom, then sing what song? Baby, go to sleep, sleep!! And then there’s hand in the mother’s body, gently, gently, and then I do not know what music when mom fell asleep, and then slept for two hours, no dream no surprise, to dinner, music students entered the room name: mother baby, get up, eat a! Le grandma, when they come in my sleep, I still take music students, then hand in the mouth: Shh, quiet, finally followed grandparents in their room to play, is not afraid of loud woke me up, ha ha ha, my little man, I love you to death!! A recent period of sleep at night are to listen to music students "Kai TERT story" has a bedtime story and called early stories, came home in the evening to eat fruits and do some hand, fall asleep and then eat some books after the story in uncle’s voice in kay!! Lele’s eyes have not been in the mother, and asked to do ha? See "with total team"? In addition to cartoons, that there are so many attractive, after the shift, will discuss with him (ha ha, half half back every night to discuss not only the weekend watching cartoons, can see) anyway, not to look at every day will not see the original, this is unthinkable, remember the day ten set SpongeBob SquarePants does not give up, still that crying: I can not watch the cartoon live, you are funny? The music tells the story of one day in the evening, buy the book and read all the books, do not want to see the feeling said, say to want to give me a story, okay, mom picked up the music at hand the pen and give him a good record, more exciting, speak not stop down!! Mother remember about writing music, record!相关的主题文章: