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Foreigners to be injured granny appeared retrograde exit restrictions only responding to Sohu news lilaotai by expatriates David (a pseudonym) injured, the police found David bear the main responsibility for the accident, illegal parking beside Zhao bear secondary responsibility for the accident, lilaotai responsibility. After identification, lilaotai constitute ten disabled, the two sides could not compensate the consensus, so lilaotai to Shanghai Songjiang District people’s court, but David played "hide and seek", in the face of this situation, how to solve the problem of the judge, the maintenance of rights and interests? The Consulate in Shanghai to convey opinions? A weekend morning, lilaotai according to the usual electric car ride to go shopping, but just a small soon, and oncoming David (foreign) driving electric cars collided, lilaotai injured, police investigation found David violation driving rules reverse driving should bear the primary responsibility, next to illegal parking Zhao bear secondary responsibility. The end of lilaotai after treatment, identified constitute ten disability, because David did not understand the China law, that according to the driving habits of driving on the left there is no fault, should not bear the main responsibility, and refused to show up, lilaotai and David and Zhao negotiation, to court. Lilaotai to court after mediation before litigation in the stage, the defendant David initially said they did not understand the meaning of mediation, after playing "hide and seek", only through its Consulate in Shanghai to convey the views of the court. Lilaotai because treatment expense has debt, hope that the court closed as soon as possible to get compensation payments. Consider the case of a formal case, lilaotai severe injuries, such as can not successfully delivered the case materials and procedures through foreign service need at least a year before closing, lilaotai get compensation in time will be longer. To this end, the judge and the court clerk repeatedly went to lilaotai home to see and understand the family private communication with David, David got more information. The judge did not miss any hope, try to use WeChat, SMS, e-mail and other means for English and David and the China friends to communicate, to its interpretation of the law Chinese, and told him that it is actively responding to protect their legitimate rights and interests, but not to ignore david. Case the original defendant both sides were satisfied with the judge also learned that the recent departure of David to the plaintiff lilaotai application, the court decided to limit the exit of David, the judge and the clerk of the day he was rushed to the exit and entry administration authority for the relevant limit exit formalities. At the same time, with the consent of the municipal court, the judge and the court clerk rushed to the consulate of the country to actively communicate the Consulate in the country expressed the support and understanding of the work of the court. Hard work pays off, fourth days after the filing of the case, the defendant David to receive respondent Court materials, I also appear in court, the court arranged in advance for the translators to protect the common court, the legitimate rights and interests of both the smooth and the trial. After the trial, the defendant David to the court expressed the hope that the court as early as possible, lift the restrictions on exit decision. In accordance with the provisions of article thirty-fifth of the People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law, the right side of the motor vehicle and the non motor vehicle is adopted, and the defendant.相关的主题文章: