Foreign Minister of Philippines the United States is an ally of the Philippines and the United State-remonstrate

The foreign minister of Philippines: the United States is not to sever relations with the United States allies Philippines Manila Xinhua News Agency on 24 October, (reporter Yang Keyang Philippines Yasai Tianmu) foreign minister said 24 days, Philippines has no intention to sever relations with the United States, will continue to strengthen relations between the two countries. The same day, assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs. In the same visiting U.S. State Department Daniel Russell said at a press conference after the meeting, the United States is Philippines’s signing of allies, "Philippines has no intention to break off the relationship with the United states". Philippines’s president Duthel I had said before, Philippines with the United States to part company each going his own way in economy and military affairs, foreign policy not only lead the United States, no longer allowed his mercy. Yasai explained to Russell, Duthel Te is feeling Philippines according to their own situation, he is to have to rely on and Filipinos to external interests don’t mind. Earlier this month, Yasai was in the "face book" personal home page posting said, Philippines long as America’s "little brown brother" has hindered the growth and development of Philippines, the United States is the inevitable requirement for part company each going his own way independent foreign policy. He wrote: "this requires Submission from dependence and mentality abandon economic and military; it also means free invisible chains, so that Filipinos are no longer subject to external benefits." Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: