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"Five yuan  " wolf tripod award alone in second; Wu Jing: hope beyond the previous — entertainment channel — original title: Wu Jing: I hope the second beyond the previous Wu Jing late on September 7th, the twentieth film China Survey Satisfaction tripod award ceremony was held in Hongkong issued China Bay Convention Center, 7 nominations of the "wolf" alone in five, becoming the biggest winner, and the "old gun" will be a very important part of "the best film award, best director award in the bag, tripod Award for best actor and actress awards were won by a" spoon "and Chen Jianbin" master "Song Jia. Last night, Chen Jianbin, Song Jia, Wu Jing, Liu Haoran, Zhang Jin, Law Ka Ying, Wu Siyuan, Xu Gehui, Manfred Wong, Xia Meng, Patrick Tam, Zhao Baohua, Irene Wan, Jin Tao, Eddie Cheung and other filmmakers dressed on the red carpet. The movie "wolf" for early "Chinese film first satisfaction survey" in the bag and concern, finally, it also gained the best screenplay award, best director award "," best action movie guide Award "and" best producer award". Wu Jing said frankly: military genre film is my dream, the play before and after the preparation of 7 years, in order to write good things, really fast writers crazy. To tell the truth, the type of war film shooting experience in China is still relatively lacking, there is not much to learn from the things, so it is bitter screenwriter." It is reported that Wu Jing’s "wolf 2" follow up a victory with hot pursuit is being filmed, in October this year is expected to achieve. Wu Jing expressed the hope that the second can go beyond the previous, because we are in the heart of creation, the director is too tired, I now want to do is sleep, too many days did not have a good rest. We hope that we can pay the real return, this return is the audience’s favorite." Asked about the actor paid thing some time ago a stir, a film director, actor double identity, he said: "I’m not high, puerile, to me, to live up to the hard-earned money." (reporter Su Lei) (commissioning editor Ou Xingrong and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: