Fit vs dazzle — what are the same size as the automobile Sohu – A0 car gap quickchm

Fit VS dazzle — what are the Sohu in the domestic automotive has been popular for a long period of time A0 class car with a large size A0 class car gap, especially when the four eye POLO sell is absolutely hot, while the Yaris is flying and driving to a popular. Time passed quickly, and now the domestic car consumption concept has changed a lot, the pursuit of configuration into the pursuit of space. In the last paragraph when flying with big space, low price to win a lot of praise. But as the upgrading of Hyun Yaris, but also compensate for the lack of the original old Yaris space problem. Recently, the two models have ushered in a small change, so that the two cars also returned to the same run line. The choice of models are two versions of the relative take the amount of two cars, respectively fit 2016 CVT comfortable version of the skylight and dazzle 2016 CVT megacool version 1.5. The appearance of this paragraph really fit in appearance is not much different from what. Family front face is still Honda’s small car, side of the line did not change. Only on the side of the taillights from the original monochrome black stripes into all black lines. The roof of the antenna position has also changed, the old section of the low profile models are in front of the roof of the car, the original full of a remote control car both sense. Now it’s all in the back into a shark fin antenna. The dazzle appearance in the front part of the change is great, I love the original super mustache in the same beard with catfish. The headlights made some of the changes in the corner line place, make it more in line with the new face of moustache. As for the good looks really bad to say, in particular, the current TOYOTA’s aesthetic is sometimes like drunk. The side of the body or the same did not change, the higher ground clearance so that it has a small SUV feel. Fortunately, however, the design of the suspension roof is still retained. The most obvious change in the rear end of the taillights style, the original transparent color of the turning light into all red brake lights. Turn the lights to the middle area of the taillights. Exterior configuration two car configuration in the appearance of the real is not much difference. The headlights are H4 bulb halogen headlights, and were equipped with front fog lamp function. Only dazzle in the headlights with LED daytime driving lights. While the rear is only fit to dazzle after more than reversing radar. But this time Honda seize the domestic consumer’s heart, launched with the lowest version of the skylight in the roof, so the position fit to dazzle one more than the small size of the skylight. There is a saying that good, there is no better than no bar! The two car is exactly the same as in the tire specifications, 18560 R15 are equipped with iron wheels, but fit in the Yokohama tire brand still slightly better than the Kumho dazzle. Interior changes of interior space fit mainly focus on several points, with the original model was equipped with the "blue dashboard" in the CVT version of the skylight on the comfortable change to the standard. In terms of readability and functionality than the orange dashboard a lot better. There is also a change is possible because in the front roof to join, front reading lights turn to standard!相关的主题文章: