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[map] 1.5T dynamic new golf will be released in November 10th – with overseas media Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] before the middle of mass of the seventh generation Golf modified models will be officially released in November 10th. By then, the new golf, new golf travel version and the new golf GTI is expected to debut. It is reported that the new car in addition to the adjustment in the exterior and interior details, will also increase the two displacement is 1.5 liters of gasoline and diesel engines, the gasoline engine is likely to be popular in the middle of the year issued by EA211 TSI Evo (1.5TSI) model. [map] [the new golf 3D modeling new golf GTI new golf travel version of the 3D modeling diagram] 3D modeling from the exposure map view, the new golf 7 series of three models to maintain the basic design of the current model, the difference is made type grille and front bumper of the amendment, while the new car is also installed the group before the new style full LED headlamps. The rear part of the new golf compared to cash models change smaller, suspected by using chrome exhaust type polygon of two bilateral mouth to create a high sense of Passat but also with the "elders" models and unified style. In addition, the new golf and the golf GTI models are fitted Aluminum Alloy rim new style. The new golf [map] interior modeling interior: new golf equipped with multimedia larger size in the control screen, the screen on both sides of the original entity button is canceled, and the left side of the screen suspected added touch button. The new golf GTI is not equipped with a new big screen in the control, the difference is the replacement of a new flat type sports steering wheel, and retained the seat Plaid GTI models unique. According to foreign media reports, the new model of interior materials will be upgraded, and the new multimedia system will also support gesture control function. On the new golf GTI [map] dynamic modeling interior: in addition to the new golf GTI used by EA888 2.0TSI to adjust the engine, the conventional and the new golf travel version of the new golf will increase two displacement is 1.5 liters of gasoline and diesel engines. It is reported that two new engines based on the existing 1.4TSI gasoline and 1.6TDI diesel engine to build, which is likely to have a gasoline engine was released Volkswagen EA211 TSI Evo engine. According to earlier news, EA211 TSI Evo (1.5TSI) engine equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger, variable cylinder technology, double cycle (Otto cycle + Miller cycle) technology, the maximum power output of 131 HP (high power version of 150 horsepower), peak torque of 200 cattle meters (high power version of the data? Unpublished). The peak torque of 1.5TSI engine low power version model compared to the current EA211 1.4TSI low power version of the model is reduced by 25 meters, but fuel consumption than cattle? 1.4TSI engine also reduced 1L 100km, and the emission level can meet the "Europe 6")相关的主题文章: