Fierce! Nicholas Tse meet with native Roasted Suckling Pig processed

Fierce! Nicholas Tse and indigenous meet Roasted Suckling Pig meal processing Sina entertainment news recently, "Twelve Feng taste 3" published by a group of Nicholas Tse and the naked man common roast wild boar photos. Black men showed big stature, Nicholas Tse is wearing a white shirt, with two boxes in side by side, instant stamp netizens bursting point. While in the stills, two Peigemoqi, are trying to use the Hawaii native wild boar roasting, allegedly the making method is quite time-consuming, could take up to sixteen hours long! Indigenous Roasted Suckling Pig is definitely one of Hawaii delicacy worthy of praise, even in science and technology developed today, the original Roasted Suckling Pig native still occupies dominance of the delicacy, and this is Nicholas Tse’s most important task. In order to complete the local experience the most authentic and most primitive "pit furnace method" Roasted Suckling Pig, Nicholas Tse into the forest acquisition banana leaves, cut banana trees for timber, hard digging buried flint, the whole roasted pig fat will be buried in pits, and cover can bring fresh aromas of banana leaves, the light is ready to work they spent a full two days. To pig into the pit after the baking time more than sixteen hours, but also to accept Hawaii showers during the test, a meal is not easily won. But fortunately, not much effort, when Nicholas Tse will be buried deep into the pit of pig dug, Pumianerlai declared the aroma of indigenous Roasted Suckling Pig action victory. Beside the natives brother couldn’t help direct the taste and then praised the delicious!" The research for many years cooking Nicholas Tse very professional analysis of this "pit furnace" advantages "in this process, including roasting, steaming, braising, stewing and other methods, we now use the microwave oven, with low temperature and slow cooked in the oven, it is better that." Nicholas Tse also Romans, with local Aboriginal common prayer ceremony in taste before. Their devotion to Nicholas Tse feeling very deep, he sincerely said "this world there are still a lot of people do not have enough to see the local natives, respect for food, he saw the earth so grateful for our return, I was really touched." In Feng flavor 3, Nicholas Tse has visited several countries, to bring the audience a unique local food culture. And this Saturday, he will be for us to reveal the indigenous cuisine of Hawaii, the audience is interested in the attention of this Saturday night 22:00 Zhejiang TV [micro-blog], "Twelve Feng flavor". (commissioning editor: Jun Weng fishing)相关的主题文章: