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Female strong male weak! Ai Fukuhara and her boyfriend how does it work? The Sina entertainment column boiled deep eight film and television media news, Meng Meng Da Ai Fukuhara are going to get married! The other half is previously exposed to boyfriend Jiang Hongjie, is one from the bay of the table tennis players, two men looked quite well. They are not married, did not intend to immediately live together. But because it is a transnational marriage, but also to do some formalities in order to get married, marriage, nationality, and the two will continue to participate in the competition. "National treasure" athletes big thing, so that the Japanese media are fried. As one of China’s most popular Japanese athletes, Ai Fukuhara’s wedding news also caused a sensation on the Internet, quickly boarded the hot search first. In Japan people eat melons have blessing to speak of Ai Fukuhara, people first thought, but she always hung in the face of the Kawai smile, moreover is the mouth of northeast sub ballast flavored mandarin. As a result, many users have also fallen in the attention of their accent, ridicule this is the peak of the northeast dialect and Taiwan chamber, feel these holes… Small love had had a bad relationship with Japan, is nishikori tennis star jiedi. They met in the Beijing Olympic Games, fall in love developed rapidly, soon in the street date photographed by reporters. At the age of 18 years old is nishikori micro, and Ai Fukuhara is a beautiful girl of Japanese sports famous gold suction, strong women and weak men, Jiedi collocation also publicized. Many fans are required to leave the radical nishikori Ai Fukuhara, the media will question all threw Ai Fukuhara larger visibility, which makes the young she had anticipated, this relationship is to apologize to the public. But Fukuhara Aijung was in career stage, the table tennis association leadership more reluctant to let these affected her development. Because the pressure is too large, the feelings of the two meet again is settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, stranger. Did not expect to become Asian Tennis brother nishikori catch up from behind, but in 7 years, but in 5 his girlfriend, called the Japanese sports Casanova, nor is Ai Fukuhara’s beloved. The original love affair with little blessing exposed, we began to worry about her marriage, love had said 40 years old did not go blind. Wuli love sauce spicy MOE, how would anyone want to do? This is not the fruit of love!!! Compared with the high popularity of Ai Fukuhara, Jiang Hongjie is not well known, his handsome appearance, but also a high value to the handsome little meat Yan Kevin Tsai had noticed him and invited him to the entertainment circle for. But in order to love the cause of the table tennis, he finally refused to kang. It is said that he is not because of love nap, every day at lunch time to play others on this line, a strange combination of circumstances. The strength is also quite strong, has won the university student Games table tennis tournament men’s singles champion. In the 2015 Kuwait open, he had teamed with teammate Huang Shengsheng in the men’s doubles final victory over Zhang Jike Xu Xin won the championship winning hit. When he and Fukuhara Aihaya were teenagers相关的主题文章: