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Father and son because of the parking dispute with the neighbor neighbor bite finger force father Beijing, the original title: stop quarrel and fight bite finger neighbor Beijing morning news (reporter Huang Xiaoyu) because the parking conflict, two neighbors started to panic, Mr. Wang mouth towards the side finger biting down. Mr. Liu to physical harm on the grounds of Mr. Wang to court, claims for medical expenses, mental damages totaling more than 3.8 yuan. The day before the Haidian court heard the case, Mr. Wang bear 70%. Liu claimed that in June 6, 2014, Wang son of Mr. Wang’s quarrel with his father in the parking area downstairs, Mr. Wang and his abusive father and son two people. When Mr. Liu arrived at the theory, Mr. Wang will bite his left index finger, and wounded his head with stones. After the alarm, Mr. Liu went to the No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, Jishuitan Hospital emergency department, after repeated transfusion, trauma and inoculation of rabies vaccine, injury gradually stabilized. Identified by the Haidian Public Security Bureau as a minor injury, Mr. Wang was sentenced to 5 days of detention detention. Liu said, because the injured two months failed to go to work, causing great inconvenience to the life and difficulties, the prosecution claims Mr. Wang is related to the loss. Mr. Wang argued that his son Wang parking at night, Liu’s father said the car was shaking. Mr. Wang downstairs, Mr. Liu called on the mouth, also hit him in the face with a broom, so he was from the ground picked up a stone and threw it. During the dispute, Mr. Liu also pinched his neck, so that he could hardly breathe, so bite his left index finger, his behavior is justifiable defense. Haidian court held that, according to the administrative penalty decision can be identified, Mr. Wang led to the occurrence of damage, so it should bear some liability. At the same time, according to Mr. Liu’s readme can be presumed that the two parties exist fault. In addition, Mr. Liu submitted surgical records, diagnosis certificate and certificate, the show after the incident the injury only left index finger skin laceration, but said in a statement of their own existence, head trauma left index finger was bitten on the left arm, scratches and other multiple injuries, so it can be presumed to exist for the police Liu statements with the actual situation of entry. Combined with the specific circumstances of the case and the above analysis, the court held that Mr. Liu should bear 30% of the responsibility, Mr. Wang should bear the responsibility of 70%. Finally, the court Wang Liu compensation for medical expenses and transportation expenses, lost fees of more than 7300 yuan.相关的主题文章: