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Expert: bank financing yields "broken 4" will continue to make arrangements for financial Sohu downlink – long before the idle funds into the bank, startled — yield financial products have been shouted into the "3 times", more than 4%, to hold a lantern can barely find. Bank financial products, has been "one of the best choice for investors against inflation, but the recent product circulation has been gradually reduced, the expected rate of return is not more and more" awesome ", is expected to fall further. Now buy solid financial products are not cost-effective, which has become a lot of people’s hearts doubt. Yields will continue downward pressure on the economy, the short-term can not see signs of changes in monetary policy, which is not conducive to financial products continue to maintain high yields. The total amount of more than 25 trillion yuan of financial funds, the impact is very large, but the current lack of low risk and good income, the subject of investment, asset allocation shortage continues. Decline in the real economy, asset allocation shortage and bond defaults, with their own financial products to buy what is the relationship? In fact, bank financial products are "cooking", frying what? Maybe you never know. Barbaric growth in the past, said in 2010, in the context of the global financial crisis, China’s introduction of economic stimulus policies, mortgage growth momentum appears excessive, bank credit gradually contracted. Demand for real estate and local infrastructure funds, non-standard credit came into being. Non-standard financing bypass regulatory normal lending relationship, such as the brokerage broker information management, fund subsidiary channel or trust plan to indirectly obtain funds in the form of entrusted loans. These docking projects, the bank packaged into financial products to investors waved to prevent deposits fled. Due to financial business revenue source is "agreed", not "sharing management fees", the "net" quotation, also and the effectiveness of independent banks just consider the competition pressure and their liabilities (revenue) cost. Bo a 7300 sale income rate, greatly stimulate banks to adopt "maturity mismatch" strategy for revenue, this also relates to the pool of capital regulation injunctions "". The fate of the financial funds to the different periods stacked in the pool, the largest fund is the bond. As the bulk of the high profit enterprises "credit debt, overcapacity, once the capital chain rupture, the outbreak of the crisis led to bond defaults, investors are difficult to survive. The second category is non-standard debt, most of the right to receive benefits, followed by trust loans and entrusted loans. 2011 Annual Income of non-standard debt reached a peak, once let the product income increase; market interest rates in 2012, and forced the expansion of bank credit, and financial products Yiqijuechen; ran out of countless capital pool, a period of scrolling issue, use the length of phase mismatch, gain adjustment among the products. With the frequent occurrence of credit events, regulation to combat the shadow banking, non-standard debt income has continued downward compression. In 2013 5 year bond bull market, debt and short-term bills for revenue barely half of the two level; the market to pick up in 2014, and then catch up with the stock market in 2015".相关的主题文章: