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Ephemeral architecture waste each year up to 460 billion did not ban? Beijing – "general planning" does not treat, not short-lived construction if not solve the "head decision", not in strict accordance with the procedures of scientific proof, not really after public discussion, so ephemeral architecture cannot stop. Remember to go to Wuhan, East Lake boat tour, tour guide will be made of the Wuhan University "Transformers" — the Department of the first teaching building — as a scenic spot to introduce, but also at that time I did not know, the teaching building is penned by academician He Jingtang personally designed, and won the "Luban prize". No commitment to, the early morning of September 10th, with a roar, "Transformers" disappeared in the dust. The blasting demolition of the purpose of restoring East Lake Nan’an Luojiashan along the beautiful natural mountain line. The teaching building, from the beginning of construction for high floor and the surrounding landscape is not coordinated and controversial, because now only survived 16 years and again in the teeth of the storm of public opinion. The time spent nearly billion yuan of funds, but also in the demolition of 13 million of the cost, and do not say a waste of money, many people have memories of being swept into the dust of history, it is no wonder that Wu adults continued to issue "too heartache" sigh. This typical short-lived architecture, it is confirmed that Xi Jinping, general secretary of the word, planning science is the biggest benefit, planning mistakes is the biggest waste, planning is the biggest taboo toss". Read the news reports in recent years, building a "death list" on February 2010, the famous landmarks: Wuhu hotel in Nanchang by the whole blasting, survive only 13 years; in June 2012, the investment of about 800 million, the life of less than 10 years of Shenyang Green Sports Center is blasting demolition; May 2013, Wuhan Dun Yang viaduct "Hubei is the longest elevated" said the longest life fixed in 16 years; in November 2015, only completed the main building facades and the 118 meter high Xi’an Jinhua global center office building, has not yet been voted with declared that "death"…… According to statistics, in 12th Five-Year, the "short-lived" annual waste as high as 460 billion yuan, with which is to produce the world’s largest construction waste. Behind this reflects the Secretary of a city, a mayor of a new district, planning the general phenomenon. The reason is the law of development of city construction scale, light weight short-sighted, overall coordination, heavy economic development, light humanistic spirit; also the planning and design of self willed and execution, the chief executive will reflect under "political considerations" and "the pursuit of interests". No wonder some people criticize this non normal demolition "in addition to bring benefits to the social and economic achievements, no". As he said, we can see from, why China for more than 1000 years things only from underground to ground, and Centennial building is very rare. The paradox is that construction or demolition or on the surface through legal procedures. However, we often see in hindsight, some departments even mind opposition, also because of "leadership at green" and have green light; the so-called "by experts", is the only invited experts agree Can Bin相关的主题文章: