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So eat moon cakes, delicious and healthy, and had no effect on blood lipid and glucose – Sohu healthy Mid Autumn Festival is a year, on this day, the whole family can sit together to eat a meal, look at the moon, then eat a few pieces of moon cakes, really is happy enough. Today, the moon cake is no longer what rare snacks, but also has become a symbol of food. Do not eat moon cake, how can call the Mid Autumn Festival? However, with the strengthening of health awareness, more and more people treat moon cake is also a more cautious attitude. This heavy oil heavy sugar food, eat up fat, right? I have diabetes, but also eat moon cake? To buy sugar free moon cake, can eat up or sweet, the business is not a person, right? …… In the early morning of the Mid Autumn Festival, health headlines (micro signal: baojiandaifu) and we talk about how to eat moon cake healthy. First talk about the principle of big: moon cake sugar, oil, heat and high, but must be appropriate to eat, especially for those with chronic diseases, even more so. Do not superstition on the market sugar free moon cake, health moon cake. You really want to recommend a five health headlines, with good benevolence. Here, a little bit. Moon cake calories is very high? No matter is the Cantonese style, Beijing style, Soviet style, Yunnan style, whether traditional or modern modified version of the main material, the moon cake is flour, oil, salt or sugar, and features a variety of fillings. Oil since Needless to say, the moon cake fillings are soft, delicate fragrant glutinous rice is mixed with a lot of fat, because. Then pay attention to the food composition of the moon cake table, it will be found that carbohydrates (sugar), the composition is not small. Heavy sugar, makes a piece of moon cake calories should not be underestimated. For example: a slap in the face of the moon cake, 40 grams of fat, carbohydrates, 90 grams. In other words, as long as a woman to eat 2 of this big moon cake, almost enough energy requirements for a day. A little red bean moon cake (about two calories and a double), Hamburg, is almost a meal heat. Sugar free moon cake without sugar? Strictly speaking, no sugar is not appropriate. Sugar is a carbohydrate known as "sugar free cakes" is no sugar, flour, seeds, nuts and fruit fillings, actually contain carbohydrates. These carbohydrates can eventually be converted to glucose, leading to elevated blood sugar. Don’t because of "sugar free", he boldly gobble down. Can you still eat moon cake with chronic disease? Can say these, feel moon cake this thing, can’t seem to eat. In fact, do not have to be so extreme, pay attention to control the amount of good. In addition, the moon cake is actually part of the daily meals during the holiday season, if you worry about fat, eat moon cake, other foods on the corresponding point to eat less. For example, to reduce the half bowl of more Steamed Rice, Vegetable & Fruit, less meat, can increase dietary fiber, can offset the extra calories of moon cakes. To increase the amount of exercise, do not have too much psychological K相关的主题文章: