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Duthel Te was scolded: American monkey do not sell guns we can build their – Sohu news [Global Times reported] Philippines President Duthel Te once again to the United States shooting, and he was 2 days in the United States to halt the sale of 26 thousand assault rifles. The Philippines said, behind the United States policymakers are "idiots" monkey "" and that will turn to Russia and Chinese procurement. According to Reuters, Duthel Te, 2, said in a televised speech, he had believed in the United States, but has now lost respect for the Philippines’s largest ally. Duthel Te said, "look at those monkeys, we want to buy 26 thousand guns, but they do not want to sell" and "the son of a harlot, we can make guns, those Americans are stupid". "Americans are rude to me," said Duthel Te. "That’s why I’m rude to them". Duthel Te also said that Russia and Chinese have expressed interest in selling weapons to Philippines, he has to ask the Philippines military advice, "I did not do the decision immediately because I want to know my army and whether there will be any problems, if they are willing to continue to use the weapon, so even if the. But what I want to say is that we must pay close attention to the situation. They are rude to us". Reuters 1 broke the news, due to the lack of human rights situation in the Philippines, the U.S. State Department decided to stop selling the Philippine assault rifles for the plan of 26 thousand. In this regard, the U.S. State Department officials have not yet made a public response. Philippine police officials have expressed frustration that the country’s police can not receive assault rifles as planned. (Chen Xin)相关的主题文章: