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The draft law in medicine of traditional Chinese medicine to strengthen the supervision and management of the second – China News Agency, Beijing in August 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan Guo Jinchao Liang Xiaohui) the draft law in medicine second times 29, the NPC Standing Committee, the draft two reviewers to further strengthen the supervision and management of plant breeding, circulation and use of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine processing of medical institutions the preparation of Chinese herbal medicines. The Chinese herbal medicine planting and breeding, increase draft regulations, the national "strict management of agricultural products"; "to strengthen the production base of Chinese medicinal materials in environmental protection". The so-called "Chinese Herbs", refers to the Chinese medicine clinical long-term use of selected, produced in a specific region, compared with other regions produced by the same medicine, better quality and efficacy, quality and stability, with the high visibility of medicinal materials. For the field of Chinese herbal medicines, the draft clearly drug manufacturers to purchase Chinese herbal medicines should be established to purchase inspection records system, Chinese herbal medicine operators should establish a purchase inspection and purchase and sale record system". At the same time, the draft clearly "practice in the village medical institutions of traditional Chinese physicians, have medicinal knowledge and recognition ability of rural doctors, self, self production of traditional Chinese medicine and its practitioners in real estate activities used in accordance with relevant state regulations". There is no supply of Chinese herbal medicine on the market, the draft clearly "relevant provisions of medical institutions shall comply with the quality control of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine on the processing of the charge, to ensure drug safety"; "client configuration of traditional Chinese medicine preparation, the entrusting party and the entrusted party respectively take corresponding responsibility for the quality of the medicine distribution". In order to encourage the development and use of traditional Chinese medicine resources, the draft stipulates that "production in line with the conditions derived from the ancient classical prescription of traditional Chinese medicine compound preparation, the approval for the drug, can only provide a non clinical safety study materials. The specific administrative measures shall be formulated by the pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative department of the State Council in conjunction with the Department in charge of Chinese medicine". Here, the "ancient classical name", refers to the application of the ancient Chinese Medicine Classics, which is still widely used, the curative effect is accurate, has obvious characteristics and advantages. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine popular qualification examination, the draft clearly modeled after the way to study Chinese medicine or medicine through years of practice and specialized personnel in Chinese medicine department in charge of provincial organization assessment, should be recommended by at least two TCM doctors". (end)相关的主题文章: