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Don’t let the tragedy repeat itself! Do not know the road ahead of driving principles – Sohu car September 22nd, Henan, Shangqiu, a kindergarten school bus collided with a truck in. According to the official notification, the accident caused 11 people were injured, two injured invalid treatment. Initially identified, both sides of the vehicle are illegal, both drivers have been controlled. When we see this news, the children feel sad at the same time, but also should be reflected in how to avoid such a repeat of the accident. First, we analyze the problem of the existence of both the abstract of the accident: 1, there were two car accident in speeding the possibility of "clear school bus safety regulations" provisions: the maximum speed of school bus carrying students traveling on the highway should not exceed 80 kilometers per hour, the highest in the other on the road shall not exceed 60 kilometers. 2, from the scene of the surveillance video, there is no traffic lights at the intersection command, both sides should stop before entering the intersection and hope to confirm safety and then through. 3, according to the "road traffic safety law" stipulates that the school bus should let the right side of the vehicle ahead. What about the school bus safety and how to ride the bus to the old driver safety, in the previous articles and we have talked about in detail (if you forget, strongly recommend that you review the school season parents must see! Children ride the school bus safety. But in this accident, kindergarten school bus is not overloaded, in 2014 also passed the school bus use approval; at the same time the school bus driver Tang also made the school bus driving qualification. Therefore, from the quality of the school bus and driver qualifications, there is no obvious problem. The key point of this accident is that the two car drivers are not in front of the intersection to enter the no lights, hope that the school bus driver did not let the right side of the big truck ahead. The "Regulations" the implementation of the People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law stipulates the following to these principles, I hope you keep in mind, after all, these principles are based on blood and even life for the vehicle 1, turn make straight traffic as shown in the figure, A car straight, B car right, A is the first car. 2, the two cars are straight at the right side of the road to the car ahead of that car right left the car ahead if shown that, two cars were straight, according to the "right of first principles, B is the first car. 3, the relative direction of the car when turning right turn left to turn the car first, if shown, turn to the two car, turn right turn left, then B car ahead. Finally, the old driver also remind you that, although the provisions of the law of the first principles, but if you always expect others to make their own, will always happen such an accident. So do not enter the crossroads of the signal, we must slow down, fully observe the intersection is no danger after passing! I hope this tragedy will not repeat itself, but also hope that every small partner can travel safely.相关的主题文章: